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Are you the chosen friend to do everyone’s makeup for a big event? Do people regularly compliment your flawless foundation? Is your free time spent searching for makeup tutorials on YouTube? In this article, we’ll talk about become professional airbrush makeup artist.

Now, you can make a career out of this. Yes, you heard it right. Make money off something that you absolutely love doing: Makeup!

Let’s talk numbers.

Growth Rate of Global Cosmetic Industry

The global cosmetic industry witnessed the highest growth rate in 2018, lending an insight into the large number of people who use makeup worldwide.

USA boasts of the largest cosmetic market in the world, generating whopping revenues of $62.46 billion and employing around 63,816 people by 2016.

What does this mean? Well, it is just a fact for normal people but it means BIG BUCKS for potential makeup artists!

Choosing a Niche

Since there are so many makeup artists now, you need to choose something that will separate you from the rest. Something that would make people want to opt for a newcomer like you.

That something is airbrush makeup that will automatically set you apart from the others.

Traditional Makeup vs. Airbrush Makeup

It is no surprise that the advent of airbrush makeup had the fashion industry go wild. Celebrities, fashion designers, and top-notch makeup artists were seen sporting airbrush makeup.

While traditional makeup worked fine, airbrush makeup was a real life technique to get that ‘photoshopped’ look that you would achieve after countless edits and retouches.

In a way, airbrush makeup mirrored the way your skin looked on camera, which is why it became the go-to technique for celebrities set to appear on High Definition (HD) cameras.

This trend quickly trickled to the public, who was enamored by this flawless finish. However, with the many benefits of airbrush makeup also come certain misconceptions regarding this newfound trend.

  1. Airbrush makeup is costly
  2. Airbrush makeup is difficult to use
  3. Airbrush makeup has complicated equipment

This reluctance among the public to buy and use their own airbrush makeup creates a demand for professional airbrush makeup artists.

Airbrush Makeup

Considering the massive success of airbrush makeup, there is a lot of scope in this field. Since you already have the expertise (even if in normal makeup), you know the works pretty well.

All you need to do is hone those skills so you can become a professional airbrush makeup artist right away!

Step-by-Step Guide

If you are tech-savvy, quick to adopt the ever-changing trends of today’s fast-paced world, this is the career for you. We will provide an extensive, systematic guide to help you with the process. Stay tuned.

Airbrush Makeup Certification

If you landed on this page, we assume you know the basic know-how of makeup. The most frequently asked query of new makeup artists is whether they require airbrush makeup certification. The good news is that you don’t necessarily need it but it will help legitimize your position.

You can learn about airbrush makeup right from the confines of your home with the vast number of informative articles at your disposal. We suggest you look for the following:

You should even watch YouTube tutorials on airbrush makeup to broaden your understanding of the application of this makeup. Our recommended tutorials are below.

  • For flawless skin:

  • For bridal makeup:

Airbrush Makeup courses

If you want to display a certificate in your studio when you welcome clients, we recommend you enhance your knowledge by taking one of these airbrush makeup courses.

These courses will lend you deeper insight into the subject, give you free airbrush makeup kits and allow you to practice the technique.

We suggest you go over the course online to choose one that suits your needs best.

  1. Airbrush Makeup Workshop by QC Makeup Academy


  • Practical training
  • Focus on airbrush makeup for brides
  • Free airbrush makeup kit
  • Airbrush makeup techniques for special FX
  • Airbrush makeup certification

Sign up here:

  1. The Masterclass by Airbrush Masterclass


  • Live streaming online training
  • Take this class from anywhere in the world
  • Airbrush makeup certification

Sign up here:

  1. Airbrush Makeup Pro Workshop by DINAIR


  • 2 day workshop
  • Tattoo coverage
  • Airbrush makeup for weddings
  • Airbrush makeup certification

Sign up here: DINAIR Workshops

Get Your Equipment

Finding the right airbrush makeup equipment is key to a successful business. You can search for the best airbrush makeup kits or do a trial and error to pick the ones you like.

When looking for airbrush makeup tools, you need to keep the following in mind:

  • You are not just choosing one type of airbrush makeup kit as you will be working on a range of clients.
  • You should have the different types of airbrush kits (by types, we do not means brands). You should have both Water based airbrush makeup kits and Silicone based airbrush makeup kits.
  • Water based airbrush kits work best for oily skin and silicon based makeup kits work best for dry skin so choose the one according to the client’s skin type.

Duties of an Airbrush Makeup Artist

Much like a regular makeup artist, you should take care of the client’s requirements. Remember, the customer is always right. Always consult the customer before you begin working. Study the client’s skin type and choose the airbrush makeup kit accordingly. The following questions will get you off to good start.

  • What is the occasion?
  • Do you have any specific look in mind?
  • What colors are you wearing?
  • What is your skin type?

As you progress in your career, you will enhance your client dealing skills.

By the end of the session, make sure the client is 100% satisfied with the outcome to increase chances of repeat service and build a raving fan-base for your business.

Ensure you clean the equipment, practice hygiene, and stay up to date with the latest trends of the beauty industry.

Setting up Your Studio

Makeup products 2020If you are just starting out, you don’t need an extravagant ser up. You can rent a small shop or just start in a room in your own house. Just ensure you have a mirror and a combination of white and yellow bulbs for adequate lighting.

Set up a small chalkboard with the list of services you offer and the prices of each in your studio.

How Much You Get Paid

This varies based on your skill level and clientele. A makeup artist earns an average of $75-$125 per client. However, the price will vary depending on the services the client purchases. As an airbrush makeup artist, you would add $25+ for each client. Remember this very important part – if you love what you do and you become a master of your craft (no matter what it is), you will crush it, making a lot of money in the process.


With the tool of social media at your disposal, the best way to reach audiences would be through setting up your own Facebook and Instagram page.

Keep updating your profile with pictures of clients and use keywords to ensure your page pops up every time someone searches for ‘airbrush makeup artists near me’.

You are Good to Go!

With the help of this guide, some grit, and plenty of hustle, you are ready to launch yourself as a promising new professional airbrush makeup artist on the block! Let’s get it!!