How to Prepare for an Airbrush Spray Tan

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Imagine this: you’ve just bought a spray tan kit that you’re super excited to use. You follow some of the instructions that come with it, apply it, wait for the results. 

But then, when you remove it and look at yourself in the mirror. The results are completely uneven! Or, worse, the color you wanted isn’t at all what you see. You’re a little more orange than you’d like to be.

If you want to use your airbrush spray tan kit successfully, then you can avoid these problems by using the right airbrush tips beforehand.

In this article, we’ll cover all the different tips you can follow so that you’ll be prepared for your at-home bronzing adventure.

This way, when you step out the door, you can feel like you’re glowing both with confidence and with one of the best spray tans you’ve ever had. Read on to learn more.

Eat the Right Foods

Just like you need the right makeup tips before you put on makeup, you need the right airbrush prep tips before you get an airbrush spray tan. One of the most surprising of these tips is to eat the right foods before you begin.

eat spinach before spray tan

There are some foods that, if you eat them, you’ll improve the look of your skin when you tan it. This is because they have the amino acid lysine in them.

These foods include avocado, spinach, and kale. Have a delicious green salad before applying your spray tan, or get one of these delicious shake prep products and mix in the veggies in a blender before drinking.

Test Out a Few Spray Tanners

Before you commit to a particular product and spread its contents all over your body, it’s a good idea to test out a few spray tanners first. This way, you can find out what product works best with your skin. You should also try out different tanner shades.

When you do this, apply the spray tan in a couple of areas that aren’t highly visible, for example, your ankles.

Remember to make a note of which one you applied where, so you can decide which one works best for you when you’re checking out the results.

Exfoliate Everywhere

You know how when you apply airbrush makeup, you need to make sure that your face is totally clean beforehand? Otherwise, the results won’t look that great because they might look slightly off. You need to do something similar with your skin ahead of time if at all possible.

Before your tan, exfoliate your entire body. Do this eight hours before you apply the spray tan from the kit.

When you exfoliate, you’re getting rid of the dead skin cells that have gathered on your skin’s top layer.

It’s important that you do this because, if they were to shed after you applied your tanner, you’d end up with your tan looking uneven and patchy. Here is a great exfoliation product you can check out.

ZO Skin Health Exfoliation Accelerator

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Shower and Avoid Oils

In addition to exfoliating, another step that gets rid of traces of dead skin cells and other matter that might be on your skin (such as dirt) is showering. If you want your tan to look glowing and consistent, you should shower before applying your spray tan.
Additionally, avoid using oils when you shower. Don’t apply any lotion afterward, either.
If you apply these to your skin, you could prevent the tanner from working or cause blotches to develop.
Looking for the right soaps and gels you can use during your shower that won’t ruin your spray tan? Check out this product.

Olive Oil Moisturizing Bath Soap Bar

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Hair Removal (Before and After Your Spray Tan)

When you apply your spray tan, you want your skin to be completely exposed to it. If you have any hair in the way, then the tan will end up being applied to the hair instead of your skin. You also need to ensure that your hair follicles are settled and your skin is smooth.

For this reason, you should remove any hair you don’t want from your legs and other areas before applying your spray tan.

If you usually get waxes, then you should do it 24 hours before you apply the spray tan. As for shaving, you can do this four hours beforehand.

Otherwise, the spray tan could go into your pores, causing dark dots to appear. You could also end up irritating your skin.

After you’ve finished with your spray tan, you should make sure that you don’t remove your hair too often since this can exfoliate your skin, causing the tan to go away faster than you want.

Considering this, deal with all your hair removal needs beforehand.

Be Au Naturel

go au naturel before spray tan

Once you’ve removed the hair you need to, exfoliated, and showered, you need to make sure that you’re au naturel before your spray tan. If there are any products you usually apply during your morning ritual, skip putting them on.

Don’t put on any makeup, perfume, or deodorant. Anything that could get in the way of the spray tan could end up making the end result streaky or splotchy.

Don’t Make Too Many Plans

After you’ve applied your spray tan, you want to allow it to set into your skin. Many kits will tell you to wait several minutes before putting on dark, loose clothing. But this isn’t the only thing you should do. You should also be patient.

Don’t take a shower afterward or go to the gym. Most formulas can take eight hours to work into your skin properly before you can expose it to moisture.

It’s best to stay at home, avoiding any moisture to end up on your skin.

You don’t want your skin to get wet by accident (for example, from rain), and if it’s hot out, you could risk sweating, which would also have a negative impact on your tan.

If you can, don’t make too many plans before you apply your airbrush spray tan. If this isn’t possible, at least avoid making plans to shower, go to the gym, or go to the pool or beach.

Do you absolutely have to go out after you’ve applied your airbrush spray tan? Here’s a great item of clothing you can wear that will prevent sweating.

Be Smart About the Undergarments You Wear

If you’re wearing undergarments when you’re applying your airbrush spray tan, then make sure that they cover areas that won’t be exposed later on. The last thing you want is to be wearing a cute bathing suit or backless dress that doesn’t look great with your tan.

Another option is to go “au naturel” with your clothing, too. After all, if you’re at home, then one of the benefits of applying your spray tan there is that you can do it without any clothing on.

However, if this isn’t something you’re comfortable with, don’t worry.

Prep Your Sheets (And Any Furniture)

You might end up with the most fabulous spray tan in the world, but if you get it on your sheets, then you won’t feel nearly as glamorous. To avoid your sheets getting the spray tan on them when you sleep, do some prep beforehand.

Dust some baby powder on your sheets and keep the temperature down so you don’t sweat spray tan onto the sheets.

Additionally, before applying the spray tan at home, protect any furniture you might end up touching or sitting down on. You should generally avoid doing this at all, especially while the spray tan is drying, but it’s smart to do this in case.

Simply put down some plastic anywhere where you think you might end up getting some of the spray tan onto by accident.

Need More Information?

Now that you’ve learned all about how to prepare for an airbrush spray tan, you might need additional information. Maybe you want to learn about all the steps you should take after you’ve finished applying your airbrush spray tan.

Or maybe you want to find out about the best makeup products that go well with a spray tan. Whatever information you need, we can help. At Airbrush Makeup, we’re experts when it comes to all your airbrush tan needs.

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