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The popularity of airbrush makeup has spread like wildfire in the past few years. Since it is widely used in the makeup and fashion industry, regular people are still a bit unsure about  this latest makeup trend. The hype around it creates many questions and answers but a hoard of myths as well. In this article, we explore some of the myths about airbrush makeup.

This article serves to clear up all your confusions about airbrush makeup that might be holding you back from using this awesome technique.

Myth #1 Airbrush Makeup Is Too Difficult

Traditional methods of makeup require a foundation, makeup brushes, and a beauty blender. With airbrushing, literally anyone can apply makeup. There is a lot of room for you to mould the makeup style to suit your needs.

Airbrush makeup, has the disadvantage of sounding complicated due to the technical nature of its products and equipment. People tend to shy away before even learning what it entails. This deprives them of a flawless finish that is hard to get with regular makeup application.

Do not let the fancy tools fool you! Airbrush makeup is as simple as it gets. In fact, for regular users, it is even simpler than normal methods of makeup. Once you find out how to apply airbrush makeup, you will ditch everything else.

Now, this does not mean that you will not mess up the first time. Like any process, you will get the hang of it after a few times. Once you do, it will be worth the effort!

Myth #2 Airbrush Makeup Results in Cake Face

This myth about airbrush makeup is well, completely untrue! As the name suggest, airbrush makeup is designed to lend your face a retouched finish, so how can it possible make your face look cakey?

Any makeup, if applied incorrectly, can result in a cakey and heavy finish. For all makeup techniques, you need to moisturize your face to provide a smooth canvas for the product to settle on.  Without enough hydration, no amount of makeup is going to provide an ‘airbrushed’ finish.

On the contrary, airbrush makeup is actually far more effective in avoiding cakey foundation. When a beauty blender or brush touches your face, it creates micro exfoliation on your skin, resulting in little flakes on your face. This is what we call cake face.

Since airbrush makeup requires you to spray a thin layer of product on your face from a distance, it actually avoids any contact with your skin and naturally, prevents that hated cakey look.

Moreover, it limits overuse of foundation that is also precursor to cake face. When covering blemishes with traditional makeup, we tend to apply more product for more coverage. With airbrush, you just need to move the spray gun closer to your face to cover up problem areas instead of applying more foundation.

Myth #3 Airbrush makeup is Time Consuming

Just because airbrush makeup comes with a whole kit, people tend to assume it will require hours to achieve that flawless looks models display on covers of magazines. False again!

Airbrushing is actually the quickest method of applying makeup, once you get the hang of it, of course. Once you have a few drops of your airbrush foundation in the cup, you turn on the compressor. Keep the spray gun about 8 inches away from your face and spray a thin coat of foundation on your face. For more coverage, inch the gun closer and spray again. The fine layer of spray will dry within seconds. Ta-da! You are done!

Now let’s compare this to traditional makeup. Apply the foundation on your face and spend about 2-3 minutes blending the product on your face. Use the concealer to cover marks and blemishes and spend a few more minutes blending the product. Now apply a layer of setting powder and wait for it to nestle into your skin. Brush off the excess powder and apply a coat of setting spray.

Comparing which method takes longer, well, you do the math!

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Myth #4 Airbrush Makeup is not for all Skin Types

If you believe everything the internet tells you, you, my friend, are doomed. There are numerous articles on the internet that clearly (and wrongly) state that airbrush makeup does not suit dry skin types. This assumption comes from the false assertion that airbrush makeup is heavy and cakey so it exacerbates the dryness on arid skin.

Let us repudiate these claims. Just take a look at these types of airbrush makeup to suit all skin types. Yes! People with dry, oily and acne prone skin can all use this technique to achieve a radiant look!

People with oily skin should use water-based makeup as it provides a matte finish to your skin, hampering the extra sheen on your face.

Now let’s talk about the claim that airbrush makeup is a no no for dry skin. As we always say, any makeup, when applied incorrectly will produce unsatisfactory results. So blame your application, not the technique.

Silicon airbrush makeup should be your go-to technique for dry skin. It relays a flawless finish without over caking the face that would highlight fine lines and dry patches. Since you spray a fine mist on your face in one smooth motion, airbrush makeup eliminates chances of blotchy skin. This makeup also comes with a silicone-based primer so you can prep your skin before application for even better results.

Myth #5 Airbrush Makeup will transform My Face

Among all the myths about airbrush makeup, this is by far the most absurd. People tend to believe that just because airbrushing promises a flawless finish, all your acne, bumps and wrinkles will magically disappear after application.

Since this doesn’t really happen, people lose faith. While Airbrush Makeup does provide a fine cat of foundation, it is impossible for any makeup to hide the texture on your skin. Acne bumps and pimples cannot be concealed even with the best of products.

Airbrush makeup will hide acne marks, blemishes and avoid cake face, and that is the best you can get with any makeup technique worldwide!

Repudiating these myths, airbrush makeup stands true to its name!