Airbrush Makeup for Wedding: What You Need to Know

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A woman’s wedding day is special and wonderful, no matter how many times it happens for her. There’s a lot of pressure put on brides to look breathtakingly beautiful, and many stress a lot about many different things. She has to think about getting the perfect dress, fitting into it, and looking picture-perfect. A big part of looking like a blushing bride is the makeup. This review is all about airbrush makeup for wedding (s).

Fortunately, thanks to airbrush makeup techniques, a bride can look marvelous without worrying that it would smudge. She can also be assured it won’t be ruined if her emotions get the best of her, and she cries. Using airbrush makeup for wedding is often the best choice. Let’s see what it is all about.

What is airbrush makeup?

Most simply put, airbrush makeup is exactly what the name implies. It is makeup applied using an airbrush rather than traditional makeup tools such as brushes and sponges. When makeup is applied in this manner, it is put on the face with a powered compressor. This makes it possible to place the makeup on the skin evenly. A medical-grade hose is usually used.

Airbrush vs traditional makeup

The main difference between traditional makeup and airbrush makeup is how long it lasts. This is also often why brides prefer airbrush makeup. Airbrush makeup is also preferred for photography, which is important on a wedding day. However, how long makeup stays on your face depends on your skin type. While traditional makeup is also made to last all day, airbrush makeup does this better. The results are especially better if you are using a silicone-based foundation.

To apply airbrush makeup, the artist will put it on the bride’s face in layers, building on every previous layer. A few drops of foundation will be sufficient to cover the whole face. It will be applied with the compressor from a distance of about 10 inches. Because it is sprayed on, the makeup will be flawless and look very professional – making it ideal for brides who want a perfect wedding day.

Traditional makeup is applied with brushes and sponges and even fingers and can be quite chaotic. But if you’re using a professional artist, your makeup will still look amazing, and nearly flawless. Traditional makeup can be very close to flawless when done correctly and compared to an airbrush effect.

Airbrush makeup can be done relatively quickly, depending on the skill of the makeup artist. Some can take up to 20 minutes, but others can be done in just 5 minutes. Wedding makeup is very particular and should take longer.

Traditional makeup takes longer, on average, than airbrush makeup, and a bride can expect to sit for a while. Sometimes it can take a handful of hours to get the perfect look.

Is airbrush makeup safe?

Many may wonder about the safety of airbrush makeup since it’s applied with a compressor. Because it is so thin, airbrush makeup is not dangerous or harmful to the skin. Your skin will still be able to breathe even under many layers of makeup applied this way.

Applying the makeup using the airbrush technique is also much more hygienic. At no point does anything other than the makeup make contact with your skin. There is also no need for the makeup artist to touch your face to apply the makeup. Airbrush makeup is light and will result in a healthy-looking glow.

Why You SHOULD Use Airbrush Makeup on your Wedding Day

There are many reasons why women, and brides, in particular, like to make use of airbrush makeup. Here are some of the main reasons:

Lasts all day

It will be very important for your makeup to last the entire wedding day. The bride won’t want to look as tired as she’ll feel near the end of it. When you’re wearing airbrush makeup, you won’t have to worry about continually doing touch-ups. Airbrushed makeup is also water-resistant, so any hazards like rain or tears are no worry for a bride wearing it. In addition, you will survive all the hugs and kisses from relatives with no smudging or smearing.

Perfect finish

Because of the way it is applied, it is completely even and what bride wouldn’t want an even finish? You’ll look like a million bucks, and your photos will show it – you can expect to have brilliant photographic memories. You won’t have to fret about any uneven spots.

Not much is needed

Airbrush makeup is incredibly light, and because of that, you won’t feel like you’re wearing a ton of foundation. This is a big plus for a bride who needs to wear makeup all day long. Airbrushing requires a lot less product to apply to the whole face. You get more coverage with less makeup, which is great for your skin.

Layering is much easier

One of the major positives of airbrush makeup on a wedding day is how easy it is to layer makeup. It is also possible to customize how the application is done, depending on your needs. It won’t be more difficult to apply full coverage than it is to do light coverage. The layers are fine and dry very fast. So adding more layers is very quick and simple – one less thing for the bride to stress about.

Why You SHOULDN’T Use Airbrush Makeup on your Wedding Day

However, as with everything, there are some negatives to applying airbrush makeup. Let’s look at them.


On average, using airbrush makeup is a lot more expensive than traditional makeup. It is certainly not for a bride on a budget. However, if she’s willing to compromise on something else, it might be manageable. Many makeup artists see this technique as an add-on service, which is why it’s pricier.

Limited shade options

Because of the type of foundation formula that is used with airbrushing, the shades are more limited. Unlike with traditional makeup, which has so many options, the selection for airbrush makeup is constrained. This can be problematic for a bride who needs a particular shade to match her natural skin tone and color. There aren’t as many brands to choose from either because airbrush makeup is slightly exclusive.

Re-blending is very tricky

If something drastic should happen and the makeup gets smudged or smeared a little, re-blending could be an issue. Getting back the original look will be almost impossible. Even if you consider using traditional makeup to fill the spots, it won’t look the same. But if the makeup has been given time to dry properly, it shouldn’t be a problem. Just make sure the artist who applies your makeup is a professional who knows how it works.

Airbrush makeup can be flaky

If you have healthy, hydrated, and moisturized skin, airbrushed makeup will not be an issue at all. However, if you are unlucky and have dry skin, it could cause problems. On dry skin, airbrushed makeup can have a flaky appearance.

Airbrush makeup is waterproof, which makes it less creamy than traditional makeup. It is highly recommended that a bride who wants to use this technique speaks to her makeup artist beforehand. If you want to use this kind of application, just make sure to get – and keep – your skin healthy.

What is airbrush makeup made of?

You will find that airbrush makeup for weddings is available in 6 different kinds of formulas.


This formula is also known as temporary airbrush ink and is typically used for the making of temporary tattoos, and probably not the formula that will be used for makeup. Complicated body art is better accomplished with this formula.


For this formula, pigments are ground until it is fine and then dissipated in water. This is the best option for a bride who wants a matte finish. It dries quickly and lasts longer.


This formula is made by mixing the pigment, polymers, and water. It will then be airbrushed onto the skin.


This formula is known for lasting longer and fading less. It is the kind mostly used for makeup. It can be mixed with formula additives to give a lighter coverage. With this formula, you will get a softer appearance and a natural complexion.


This formula makes use of alcohol rather than water, and it is much better for drying on the skin.

How long does airbrush makeup last?

On average, you can expect airbrushed makeup to last about 12 hours, sometimes even longer. This means a bride can apply the makeup and forget about it all day and focus on her guests and groom.

How to apply airbrush makeup

Most brides would prefer to hand over the airbrush tools to an expert on their wedding day. However, if you’re a DIY person, you might want to do your makeup yourself. Brides who prefer to be in control will also opt to do their makeup themselves.

If that’s the case, it is recommended that you practice before the big day. Try different shades and find the look you like the most. Practice applying this look several times, so you know you’ll get it right on the big day.

Let’s take a look at the basic way to apply airbrush makeup for your special wedding day.

Prepare your face

Make sure that your skin is completely clean, and then put on moisturizer. Once you are confident that the moisturizer has been completely absorbed, you can apply the makeup. It is recommended that you skip the primer as the makeup will attach to it rather than your skin. This will affect how long the makeup lasts.

Mind the distance

You should always hold the airbrush about 4 or 6 to 10 inches from your skin. If you go any closer, you risk the makeup coming out blotchy. On the other hand, if you go further, it won’t apply as effectively.

Use circles

When you apply your airbrush makeup foundation, use circular motions. Move the airbrush in small circles to prevent the formation of edges. With circular movements, your foundation will have a natural look rather than a mask-like appearance with lines.

Mind your eyes

You should take extra care when it comes to your eyes and the surrounding area. You have to turn the air pressure down when you apply your makeup. The skin in this area is very delicate, so you want to treat it with care. Stay about 4 inches away with the airbrush so you’ll have good control over the flow of air.

Work clean

If you’re changing from dark to light colors or from matte finishes to shimmery ones, be sure to clean the brush. This way, you will avoid muddling the colors and creating an unnatural or messy look. The cleaning solution that comes with most airbrush kits should be used for this. A few drops will be enough. Alternatively, you can use warm water to clean the airbrush after you’ve unplugged it (of course).

How to wear airbrush makeup on your wedding day

Basically, you will decide on the look you want and the makeup artist will apply it to your face. A bride can be very picky on her wedding day – it’s her prerogative. This is especially true when it comes to makeup. With airbrushed makeup, your special day won’t be spent worrying about makeup wearing off.

Is using airbrush makeup for your wedding worth it?

For most brides, using airbrush makeup rather than traditional makeup feels like the better option. It is much safer since it is waterproof and practically 100% smudge-resistant. It lasts 12 hours, or more so you won’t have to keep doing touch-ups. The beautiful and flawless finish that you get with airbrushed makeup is truly impressive.

And because airbrush makeup is so thin and light, it doesn’t feel heavy. Most women will agree that makeup that feels heavy leaves your skin feeling worn-out at the end of the day. There are some things to remember, though. As wonderful as airbrush makeup is, there are drawbacks.

It is not suited to dry skin and is rather expensive. If you have to do your makeup as well as the bridesmaids, you should choose traditional makeup. That is unless you’ve got an unlimited budget, then you can use this option and be happy and gorgeous on your wedding day.

Also, keep in mind that the shades are somewhat limited, so they won’t work on all skin tones. In the end, whether you use airbrush makeup or traditional makeup on your wedding day depends on you.

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