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Ladies, we heard you. With summer quick on its heels, we understand one of your biggest concerns. As soon as you spray your face with makeup mist, you think you are done for the day. The moment you step out, the glaring sun and the scorching heat cause your makeup to melt away, bit by bit, leaving you streaked with a kaleidoscope of colors. In this article we will talk about the best makeup for summer. Thirty minutes of your efforts go down the drain. Now we come to the most frequently asked and infrequently addressed question: is there any makeup for summer? Fortunately for you, you have landed on the right page. This guide has everything you need to know about keeping your makeup intact for the summer. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Airbrush Makeup

We are sure you have heard of the makeup sensation that took the beauty world by storm, and rightly so. No one product, no one powder is going to make that makeup stay on your face. You just have to change your whole technique for a drastic change and that is where airbrush makeup steps in.

Quick Review

Airbrush makeup is a technique where you spray the makeup on your face in a fine mist without the need for makeup sponges, brushes, and beauty blenders. It comes with its own equipment: a compressor, a hose, and a spray gun and leaves you with a flawless foundation.

Beat the Summer Heat

Long lasting makeup in the summer is god-send. The struggle (albeit, in vain) to keep the makeup in place with primers and loose powders takes time and is rendered powerless in the face of the blaring heat. To help you, we did extensive research and gathered the most common questions you asked regarding makeup for summer. Let us go over all your summer makeup problems and tell you how to rectify them with airbrush makeup.

“My makeup tends to crease in summer”

When you apply layers of loose powder to set your makeup in the hope that it would stay in place, you are underestimating the havoc it would wreak on your face, my friend. When your foundation starts to melt, the amalgamation of liquid makeup and powder will end up as a cakey mix on your face. When you smile, frown, or squint, this residue will nestle in your crease, i.e. under your eyes, at the corners of your mouth and on your forehead. Summer fashion tips This would give the impression that you have worth 10 days of makeup on your face! The remedy is simple. Since airbrush makeup uses just a few drops of foundation to spray on your face, it will not create a concoction of products on your face. As a result, you will not end up looking like you just came out of a paint factory after your ten-minute walk from home to office.

“My makeup just melts away like I didn’t put any”

Yes, the summer heat can do that. The high temperatures produce sweat on your face, basically, a slippery surface for your makeup to stay on. Naturally, an object cannot stick to an oily base. As a result, the makeup is destabilized and wears away faster. While you may not even have oily skin naturally, the summer heat tends to produce extra oil, so welcome to the world of oily skinned people. By the time you reach your destination, your ‘no makeup look’ will actually turn into NO makeup at all! Makeup for oily skin The advent of airbrush makeup solves this problem like a breeze. Airbrush makeup is made to last 6 to 10 hours longer than traditional makeup! Hence, it is naturally more effective than regular makeup products.  Moreover, airbrush makeup suits all skin types so it works like magic on oily skin. We recommend you use water based airbrush makeup that will combat extra oils and sweat on your face. Since water based airbrush makeup is also less likely to displace, it is arguably the best makeup for summer.

“My makeup looks too shiny“

While shiny makeup is vogue, an overdose can make it look like you just bathed in oil. The sweat produced on your face on top of your ‘ultra sheer’ foundation will exacerbate the sheen, and not in a good way! You might have ditched your highlighters and shimmers and still ended up looking greasy. Some people even make the mistake of skipping moisturizers out of fear that they will look oily. Best sunshades You can choose water based airbrush makeup for a matte finfish and top it off with some highlighter. Do not skimp on moisturizer as your skin needs hydration, even in summer! Lack of moisture will cause it to produce more oil-do you really want that?

“I’m getting married in summer-will my makeup stay on?”

While you may have selected a gorgeous venue near the beach with golden summer hues coloring the crowd, you forgot the most important aspect. It is your big day. Do you really want to take the risk of your makeup melting away before you even get to ‘I do’? Summer and humidity are the nemesis of makeup, causing it to melt away super fast. This is especially true for brides who might get emotional during their reception and the tears create horrid streaks down their face. The combination of sweat, heat, and tears-we are already scared for you! Venues for summer weddings However, out of all your stresses as a bride, we can take away this problem. You no longer have to worry about not being photographed to perfection with airbrush makeup. Airbrush makeup is literally made for HD photos. This is why you see actors and models sporting airbrush makeup for that unblemished look in HD since it highlights every single imperfection. Now, which bride wouldn’t want that retouched finish to sweep the groom off his feet? Since airbrush makeup is water resistant, sweat and heat won’t have any effect on it, and you can enjoy your day without a care to the world. Moreover, it lasts much, much longer so you won’t look caked in any of your pictures. With so many benefits, airbrush makeup is definitely the number one choice for the summer bride!

Prepped for summer

We hope this solved all your major queries and you are ready for the summer with the right ammunition-airbrush makeup!