Airbrush Makeup Tips

Airbrush makeup for SFX

Special Effects Makeup: Updated for 2022

Do you ever come across actors with the most realistic looking makeup camouflaging them as aliens, ghosts and all sorts of horrific creatures? Have you ever wondered how makeup artists manage to get that mask of makeup on their faces with so much expertise?

How to Get a Dewy Makeup Look

How to Get a Dewy Makeup Look

Your everyday makeup routine might include a bit of eyeliner and some lipstick, but special occasions and formal events are a time for you to go all out. You have the perfect dress, the right shoes to match.

Airbrush Makeup for Wrinkles?

Airbrush makeup is a relatively new makeup technique compared to traditional makeup. Due to this, there has been a lot of conjecture surrounding it. While it has been established that this technique truly lives up to its name, people are wondering whether it’s suitable for all textures.

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