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Ever seen those glamorous models with pores minimized to the extent where they become invisible no matter how hard you look. These girls radiate an incandescent glow from their faces! With a few swipes of this magical technique i.e. airbrushing, you too can get flawless skin (or the closest thing to it). In this article, we explore how to do airbrush makeup properly.

Upending traditional makeup, airbrush makeup has taken the beauty world by storm! Models, designers, actors – you name it, are seen sporting this phenomenon with perfection. Now that the era of airbrush makeup has been established, you are left wondering whether you can master the art of it.

The answer is YES. We have long bid farewell to the times when airbrush makeup was solely reserved for the rich. With the escalating use of HD in our daily lives, more and more people are looking towards this trend, and rightly so.

An Introduction to Airbrush Makeup

Dewy skin makeup tips

Ushering in a revolutionary change in the way we do makeup, airbrush makeup is a clean break from the use of sponges, brushes, and fingers. Airbrush makeup employs compressed air or an ‘airbrush wand’ to deliver a flawless, photo shopped finish.

The most common type of airbrush makeup is the application of foundation but others exist as well. Due to such fine results, this technique has become the sole choice for anyone set to be snapped up by a HD camera.

The great thing about airbrush makeup is its versatility. You can use to look good at home, in office or on special occasions owing to its lustrous, natural look. With a myriad of benefits pledging the utility of this technique, we are sure you just cannot wait to find out how to do airbrush makeup.

Stay tuned to achieve flawless foundation with just a few strokes of your hand!

Airbrush Makeup for Beginners

Airbrushing can be a bit puzzling for beginners with its fancy equipment and unusual application techniques. To acquaint you with the techniques in the best possible way, we have simplified things for your benefit. With our extensive guide, you will learn how to apply airbrush makeup like a pro  in no time!

How to Do Airbrush Makeup

Let us take a look at the simple steps beginners must master to become good at the art of this groundbreaking technique.

1.    Familiarize Yourself with the Equipment

While every airbrush system has a different procedure, the working is more or less the same for all. For beginners, it is better that you read the instructions manual to familiarize yourself with the equipment.

Airbrush makeup systems usually come with 3 parts: the compressor, the hose and the airbrush (or the spray gun).

2.    Test Your Foundation

We recommend you test out a few foundations on your face to decide the one closest to your skin tone. If it does not match exactly, no need to worry! Airbrush makeup will cover most variations as it blends much better than traditional makeup.

3.    Set Up Your Airbrush

While it may baffle novices, setting up the airbrush machine is actually quite simple. To begin, connect the hose to the airbrush. Shake your foundation bottle before use. Put a few drops of your airbrush makeup into the cup and turn on the compressor.

To ensure proper functioning of the spray gun and if the color is right for your skin tone, test the spray on a tissue. Once you are satisfied with the results and the amount of pressure of the machine, you can start working on your face.

4.    Spray Your Face

You need to keep the spray gun 6-8 inches away from your face. This is very important to avoid blotchy makeup. We suggest spraying your face evenly in a circular motion to avoid heavy application.

Do not stop your hand for too long as it can lead to cakey makeup. Remember, airbrush makeup is all about coating your face with light layers for seamless results.

Work all the way down to your neckline to ensure a smooth, natural skin tone.

5.    Let Each Layer Dry

After a round of application, if you feel you need more coverage, wait for the previous layer to dry before you begin the process again. For a problem area like a blemish or acne scar, simply move the gun marginally closer to your face before spraying.

6.    Add the Final touch

After achieving a flawless coat, you might want to add a hint of blush or highlighter for added effect. Both these products can be applied through the same airbrush technique.


Add a few drops of blush and start spraying in the same manner. Smile to spot the area you need to work on. Keeping the spray gun away from your face by a margin of 6 inches, start with the apple of your cheeks and make your way up to the hairline. Circular motions will result in a more blended, flushed look.


The most common areas you might want to highlight are your forehead, the bridge of your nose, your cheekbone, and your chin. Make sure you have a tissue on the top of your hairline to avoid the spray getting into your hair. With just a few drops of highlighter, spray these areas in the same manner indicated above. For a highlighter, one layer would do for a more natural look.

Ta-da! There you have a full face of flawless makeup right out of a vogue photo shoot.

Tips for Beginners

Since you are new to the task, here is a list of tips and tricks to keep in mind.

  • Use just a few drops of each product. Remember, a little product goes a long way.
  • If you mess up, you can always restart. It is just makeup and it will wash off.
  • Do not use traditional makeup products with your airbrush.
  • Avoid use of concealer after you have applied foundation .
  • Do not shut your eyes too tight. This will make the wrinkles around your eyes more prominent after the airbrush makeup is applied.

Airbrush Your Way Through Life

With this simple guide on how to do airbrush makeup for beginners, you can hopefully begin your experiment with airbrushing without any nervous jitters. For those worried about which airbrush kits to get, now there is a wide range of airbrush products in the market you can choose from. Just make sure you read up on them before you make a buying decision.

There is #nofilterneeded with airbrush makeup!