How to Choose the Best Airbrush Kit

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Have you always wished to have beautiful and glowing skin just like the big-time actresses in Hollywood? The answer is airbrush makeup, a revolutionary makeup tool designed to get a perfect makeup application every time.

So you might be wondering, “how do I choose the best airbrush kit that best suits my skin needs?” Down below, we will dive into how to choose the best airbrush kit that not only gets you the best skin of your life but also saves you money!

Keep reading to learn what you need to know.

Comparison Chart

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Aeroblend Airbrush Makeup Personal Starter Kit – Light Foundation – With 8 Color Set
51b7sZbEDUL. SL500
Art of Air Professional Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System/Fair to Medium Shades 6pc Foundation Set with Blush, Bronzer, Shimmer and Primer Makeup Airbrush Kit
51lKBZWt 8L. SL500
Belloccio Professional Beauty Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System with 4 Medium Shades of Foundation in 1/4 Ounce Bottles – Kit Includes Blush, Bronzer and Highlighters
61ULMBG1ShL. SL500
Dinair Airbrush Makeup Starter Kit, Double Shade Range – Fair to Medium
41 9D+eFseL. SL500
Luminess Air Basic Airbrush Makeup Kit and 9-Piece Silk 4-In-1 Airbrush Foundation Starter System, Warm Coverage – Quick, Easy and Long Lasting Application – Includes Primer, Blush and Glow
41tzDf7wBtL. SL500
Airbrush Makeup Set Pinkiou Air Brush Kit for Face Paint with Mini Compressor 0.4mm Needle and Nozzle Nail Body Paint SP16 (RED)
415iwaEp7zL. SL500
TEMPTU Airbrush Makeup System 2.0 Premier Kit: Airbrush Makeup Set for Professionals Includes S/B Silicone-Based Foundation Starter Set & Cleaning Kit, Travel-Friendly
41zelDQeVcL. SL500
Tickled Pink Cosmetic Airbrush Makeup Kit with 89% Organic Water Based Makeup Infused with Organic Aloe Juice(Medium)

What Is an Airbrushing Kit?

An airbrushing kit is a makeup tool designed to give you a flawless and creaseless makeup application that looks and feels natural. The Airbrushing kit works by using an air pressure system to create an ultra-fine mist for every makeup product. This new and touchless design allows for the best makeup application of your life!

How to Use an Airbrushing Kit

Many people who want to try airbrush kits think it’s hard, but this concept is a lot easier than traditional makeup applications. Follow the easy 6-step instructions below for a beautiful, healthy look.

  1. Start by putting a few drops of makeup into the airbrush cup
  2. Blow the first few sprays into a tissue
  3. Start by doing a test spray on the side of the face first
  4. Once you’re satisfied with the color, begin applying the makeup four to five inches apart in circular motions
  5. For any blemishes or discoloration, come in closer or adjust the pressure valve
  6. Once finished, go in with blush, bronzer, and setting spray

How to Properly Clean an Airbrush

When choosing to buy an airbrush, it is crucial to know when and how to clean your tool. Regularly cleaning your airbrush will prolong your airbrush’s lifetime and cause less product build-up in the valve.

  1. Use a tissue and turn on the compressor to spray out any remaining product
  2.  Use distilled water or the cleaning solution that came with your kit
  3. Place a few drops of your cleaning solution into the cup
  4. Place your finger over the airbrush opening
  5. The cleaning solution will mix with the remaining products and cause bubbles
  6. Simple pour out the mixture and repeat these steps until the cup is transparent

It is recommended that you deep clean your airbrush at least once a week and lightly sanitize it after every use!

The Basics

Airbrush kits give you flawless coverage with no caking or separation. However, when looking at types of airbrush kits, it’s essential you know your skin type and skin tone.

Let’s start with skin type.

For dry skin, you should consider picking an airbrush kit that includes a water-based and moisturizing foundation. On the other hand, if your skin tends to be more oily, consider choosing an airbrush kit that includes velvet or matte foundation.

Another aspect to consider is age. If you have fine lines and wrinkles, an airbrush kit with an anti-aging primer or foundation could reverse aging signs!

Skin tone is another crucial aspect to consider when choosing an airbrush kit. If your skin tone changes throughout the year, consider choosing an airbrush kit with a long-range in shades.

This way, you can mix and match foundations to get the perfect shade every time!

By doing so, you could save hundreds of dollars and protect yourself from the hassle of having to buy a new foundation every time your skin tone changes.

Let’s Talk Undertones

It’s crucial for you to understand your tones and undertones to choose the correct airbrush system with the perfect shade matches!

One easy way to know your undertone is by looking at your veins

If your veins appear green, then you have a warm undertone. If they appear bluish-purple, then you have a cool undertone. If they appear to have no color or be translucent, then you have a neutral undertone.

Air Brushing Kits vs. Traditional Sponges and Brushes

There’s a reason why airbrushing kits have become so popular in the last few years. That is because of the unhygienic practices that occur when using hand brushes and sponges.

Many sponges and brushes are irritating and harbor so many germs inside of them. Even after properly cleaning them, sponges host a mound of bacteria deep in the inner layers.

Not to mention, one of the leading causes for fine lines and premature wrinkles is caused by synthetic bristles that are harmful to your skin’s exterior layer.

However, airbrushes are touch-free, and generally, you will use less product. So if you’re struggling with acne and fine lines but want to continue to wear foundation, an airbrushing kit could decrease the number of bacteria that goes into your face.

Types of Usage

Whether you’re a special effects makeup artist, makeup guru, or just a regular person, airbrush kits can be very beneficial and time-efficient compared to makeup sponges and brushes!

Let’s say you’re into special effects makeup, and you travel a lot for work. Consider picking an airbrush kit that is lightweight for traveling and designed for professional makeup applications.

Let’s say you’re a makeup guru who does professional makeup on clients. Consider choosing an airbrushing kit with many different shade ranges, eyeshadows, and lip colors.

This way, your clients can have a variety of options to chose from.

Maybe you’re just starting with airbrush makeup or makeup in general. It would be best if you considered choosing an airbrush kit that is user-friendly and includes a manual guide.

Lastly, many people don’t know that you can use specific airbrush kits to spray tan. At-home spray tans have become more popular, mainly due to the limited amount of appointments at costly salons. So if you’re looking for an airbrushing kit for at-home spray tans, consider buying an airbrushing kit with a bottom-fed cup.

Don’t worry. We dive a little deeper into the different cups and compressors and what they do down below!

Airbrush Makeup for Weddings

Many first-time users get introduced to airbrush makeup because of a wedding event. If you’re considering buying an airbrush kit for your big day, then definitely keep reading.

One factor to consider is that most traditional makeup sponges and brushes soak up your product. This could cause you to use more and more foundation and before you know it… your skin may look cakey and dry.

Who wants that on their wedding day? Many brides-to-be also report using an airbrush kit because of the buildable coverage but most importantly

The long-lasting effect compared to regular makeup applicators! If your makeup tends to run and smear throughout the day, then an airbrush kit would be perfect for this all-day event filled with tears and flashing lights.

Even after your big day, airbrushing kits come in handy when you’re on the go.

How to Choose the Best Airbrush Kit

Choosing the best airbrushing kit can be challenging, especially when you don’t understand the different parts of the tool and how it works. Keep reading to figure out what an airbrush system is and which accessories fit your needs the best.

Different Cups

Cups or feeders is the compartment where your product will go in. Depending on what you will be using your airbrush tool on, it’s essential to figure out which placement is correct for you.

Let’s start with gravity-fed cups.

This cup is located at the top. It works with gravity to sink into the mixing chamber and releases it in a fine mist. This type of cup requires the user to hold the tool in an upright position to work correctly.

The side-fed cup is similar to the gravity-fed cup. The only difference is that the position of the cup is on the side.

The bottom-fed cup is seen more in professional airbrush kits for tanning or body makeup. The cup is positioned at the bottom of the gun and is controlled by negative air pressure. This position allows you to move the tool from any angle.


This part of an airbrushing kit is essential and should be considered when choosing an airbrush kit. A compressor is essentially where the power comes from by providing air pressure into the airbrushing tool.

An adjustable PSI (pressure system intake) allows you to adjust the pressure, which means you can do a full glam or an easy everyday makeup routine. If the PSI is higher, you will get fuller coverage. If the PSI is lower, you will get sheer coverage. However, not all compressors come with an adjustable valve.

So if you like to switch around your makeup coverage, consider buying an airbrush kit with an adjustable valve.

Let’s Compare

Now that we know our skin needs and usage types let’s dive deeper into different airbrush systems and what they do specifically. Each airbrush kit has various advantages, so pay attention to the details!

#1 Aeroblend Airbrush Kit

This Aeroblend Airbrush Kit kit has a sleek and innovative design that is perfect for first-time or professional users!

If your skin tone changes throughout the year, this kit provides five shades that are easy to mix to customize your perfect shade every time. This fantastic kit also comes with a blush, highlighter, and bronzer!

If that wasn’t enough, this airbrush comes with an adjustable dial that lets you pick how much coverage you want. So if you’re looking for a full coverage look for a wedding or just a sheer coverage for day-to-day errands, the Aeroblend has you covered!

#2 Art of Air Airbrush Kit

The Art of Air Airbrush Kit is an excellent product for special effects makeup artists and beginners!

This kit has three adjustable pressure levels to provide you with the highest level of precision. This design is perfect when working on minor details!

This airbrush contains a rubber airbrush hose which makes cleaning a breeze. Along with an airbrush holder, so you never misplace your brush.

The best part is the revolutionary design of the single action brush that allows for an ultrafine mist every single time!

#3 Belloccio Airbrush Kit 

The Belloccio Airbrush Kit is an outstanding kit for all kinds of women regardless of age or makeup experience.

This fantastic kit comes with an effective anti-aging primer that delivers instant results. Not only does this kit come with an anti-aging primer, but it also includes four customizable shades, blush, highlighter, and bronzer!

This kit also includes an airbrush cleaner for easy and fast clean-up. Lastly, this kit comes with a how-to manual with an online link for beginners.

#4 Dinair Airbrush Kit

The Dinair Airbrush Kit kit is perfect for dry skin.

This terrific kit includes a Moist and Dewy moisturizer that allows for smooth and patch-free makeup application. Not only does this airbrush kit come with a wide range of foundations, but it also includes eyeshadow, eyeliner, and three matte liquid lip stains.

Now you might be thinking, how do you apply eyeshadow with an airbrush tool? Well, this airbrush kit provides a stencil set for easy eyeshadow, lips, brows, and eyeliner application.

Don’t worry. You don’t need to be a professional to know how to use stencils!

#5 Luminess Airbrush Kit

The Luminess Airbrush Kit is perfect for sensitive skin!

This airbrush kit is dermatologist tested and contains hypoallergenic, water-based, non-comedogenic makeup. These factors are extraordinary for acne-prone and mature skin.

The stylish airbrush kit is also designed with a legend compressor and stylus that only measures 3.75″ in length, 2.75″ in width, and 2″ in diameter.

#6 Photo Finish Airbrush Kit

The Photo Finish Airbrush Kit is perfect for professional makeup artists.

This airbrush kit has a fully adjustable airflow control that ranges in a higher PSI than most airbrushes. The high PSI levels allow for heavier application, which is perfect for body makeup.

So if you’re looking to cover any marks on your legs before a date night or you’re into body art, this airbrush kit is the right fit for you!


How long do airbrush kits last?With the proper care, your airbrushing kit can last for many years

Are airbrushes better than traditional makeup sponges and brushes?Yes, the short answer is that airbrushing kits are cleaner and use less product, saving you money over time

Do airbrush kits come with a starter pack?Yes, most airbrush kits come with a foundation set, blush, and bronzer

Final Purchase 

Now that you know how to choose the best airbrush kit, it’s time to pick an airbrush kit that suits your needs. This can be exciting, but a little overwhelming. Just remember to follow the guidelines and know what you’re buying.

Don’t forget to contact us with any other comments or concerns!

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