aeroblend airbrush kit

Aeroblend Airbrush Kit

 4 Aeroblend Foundation Colors in the Light skin tone range (6 mL each)

 2 Aeroblend Airbrush Blush (6 mL each)

 Highlighter (6 mL)

 Bronzer (6 mL)

 Ultra-Quiet Touch Compressor

 Double Action Airbrush Stylus




dinair airbrush kit

Dinair Airbrush Kit

 25 Multi-Purpose Colors: For shimmer, shadow/brow, blush, eye liner and more!

 Moist & Dewy 3mL moisturizer

 3 - year manufacturer warranty

 3 Dinair Matte Liquid Lipstains: Vixen, Whisper and Havana Nights



Luminess Airbrush Kit

Luminess Airbrush Kit

 Dermatologist tested and approved, and goes on easy

 Hypo-allergenic, water-based, non-comedogenic and opaque formula is ideal for acne-prone, dry, sensitive and mature skin types

 Makeup allows skin to breathe without sacrificing coverage




Photo Finish Airbrush Makeup Kit

Photo Finish Airbrush Kit

 Flawless finish, sheer to full coverage for ALL skin types

 No animal testing , made in the US and no alcohol or harmful parabens

 Oil-free, mineral based, & NON-harsh preservatives

 5 piece fair and medium foundation set, blush, concealer, shimmer, Neroli anti aging primer and silica finishing powder




pinkiou airbrush kit

Pinkiou Airbrush Kit

 Excellent Airbrush makeup Kit for both professional and personal use

 Made with high quality precision components

 Quite and durable mini compressor

 Suitable with most Brand water base airbrush foundation




temptu airbrush kit

Temptu Airbrush Kit

 The lightweight 2.0 Compressor is designed for easy travel and simple to use

 Great for beauty or body applications

 High end, silicone based foundation shades perfect the skin’s appearance and leave a healthy glow

 Keep your airbrush set clean with the included 4 ounce cleaner solution




For flawless and natural looking coverage, you need the best airbrush makeup kit and foundation. We’ve gathered all the information here to rank the top ten best airbrush makeup kits on the market. We hope this helps you decide which product is right for you!

Best Airbrush Makeup Kit Reviews and Advice

Art of air

  • Includes 6-piece fair to medium foundation set
  • Blush, bronzer, shimmer and anti-aging primer included
  • Deluxe black carrying bag
  • For beginner and professional use


It doesn’t matter whether you’re using this system at home, or you’re a working professional the mini-airbrush compressor is quiet, lightweight and very portable.

This powerful system offers a wide range of features that you would only expect in the best airbrush makeup kit review.

The hose is 6 feet long which is perfect for professional makeup artists that need to move around. However, the airbrush application gun is perfectly designed for using it on yourself.

The mist is extraordinarily thin making contouring exceptionally easy. The Art of Air airbrush makeup system provides a natural look with a subtle glow. In addition, this kit includes a variety of foundations in different skin tones that combine to make the perfect skin match.

There are 6 different bottles of foundation as well as a blush and a highlighter for perfect contouring. The Art of Air airbrush makeup system also comes with an airbrush cleaner. Therefore, cleanup is easy and only takes a few minutes.

You’ll quickly notice the time you’re getting back in the morning after switching to an airbrush makeup system.

All of the components for this airbrush makeup system sit nicely inside a neat carrying bag. Consequently, the carrying bag makes travel easy and ensures that all of your pieces stay together. Read more here.


Exceptionally quiet | Enough colors and shades to experiment | Water-based formula | Good for everyday wear | Fine mist


Home users don’t need makeup variety | Too much product for home users

Aeroblend PRO Starter Kit

  • Compressor - Ultra quiet with adjustable 3 mode pressure and airbrush holder
  • Professional Airbrush Stylus in Chrome finish
  • 20 Airbrush Foundations (6ml Travel Size each)
  • 4 Airbrush Blush (6ml Travel Size)
  • Highlighter (6ml Travel Size)
  • Bronzer (6ml Travel Size)
  • Cleaner (6ml Travel Size)


Have you ever tried doing your own makeup using an airbrush? You probably think that airbrush is just for pro makeup artists, but that’s not true! Some of the best airbrush makeup kits are designed for the beginner in mind.

We know that an airbrush system costs a little too much compared to using a sponge and foundation. However, if you’re looking for a way to do your makeup in a shorter time but still gives you that flawless look, you may want to consider airbrushing your makeup. In addition, those visible fine lines and large pores will become remarkably invisible.

Why not try it so you’ll be able to tell which method between the airbrush makeup and the traditional makeup will work best for you? Don’t worry; we’ll help you find an airbrush makeup set for a beginner like you.

Kiralee Hubbard, the founder of Aeroblend, is a makeup junkie and a makeup artist for nearly two decades now. Her experience and profession have become the key to establish her own business to make airbrushing makeup application effortless, yet hold up to pro standards.

Aeroblend offers stylishly designed airbrush styluses and a wide range of makeup from powder, foundation, blush-on to bronzers. If you’re looking for a pro or starter airbrush makeup kit, the Aeroblend Airbrush Makeup Personal Starter Kit is said to be one of the best.


This Aeroblend Airbrush Makeup Personal Starter Kit includes five Aeroblend foundations in medium skin tone that are uniquely formulated from high-quality natural pigments and botanicals. Just in case a single shade doesn’t match your skin color, you can blend two shades until you find the right tone for your skin.

It also comes with two Aeroblend Airbrush Blush to make your complexion look natural and vibrant. What is better is that their products stay for up to 10 hours with minimal touch-ups only.

Additionally, the company is generous enough to include an Aeroblend Highlighter and a Bronzer that is specially formulated for their Double Action Airbrush Stylus, making airbrushing makeup quick and easy.

The ultra-quiet compressor is built in a portable size that lets you carry it even when you’re traveling. It has an adjustable dial for you to change the pressure so you can apply the foundation according to your desired coverage. Similarly, this double action stylus will give you maximum control on the airflow and the quantity of the product that is being released.

The whole airbrush system is built to last even if you use it every day. After that, if something goes wrong with it, you have a one-year warranty for extra protection. Read more here.


Foundation feels weightless after application | Foundation shades blend naturally on the skin | Flawless finish | Reasonable price


Slightly heavy | Clogs often without regular cleaning

Dinair Airbrush Kit

  • 25 Multi-Purpose Colors: For shimmer, shadow/brow, blush, eye liner and more!
  • Moist & Dewy 3mL moisturizer
  • 3 - year manufacturer warranty
  • 3 Dinair Matte Liquid Lipstains: Vixen, Whisper and Havana Nights


This pack guaranteed flawless full coverage is delivering 5 different skin tone shades, a sealant, and moisturizer to hydrate your skin. The compressor and formulas are all made in the USA which is a bonus for many people.

The silicone grip on the airbrush handle is comfortable, and overall the unit is lightweight. This system is fairly easy to clean, and the 6-foot hose gives you enough space to maneuver while applying. However, the product cup does get in the way a bit during application.

Initially, the downside is that the compressor only has one speed and the system uses a single action trigger. But these 2 features combine to make this one of the best options for beginners. If you’re new to airbrush makeup and want to find something that’s simple, this may be the right choice for you.

The water-based formula is a little tricky because you quickly learn about this system that less is more. Although we have seen many advertised airbrush makeup kits provide layering effects the Original: Dinair airbrush makeup start kit isn’t one of them.

This product, one of the best airbrush makeup kits for the money, is perfect for special occasions and everyday wear for someone who doesn’t usually wear heavy makeup. The original: Dinair is great for a natural look.

We break this kit down into more details here.


Easy to apply | Multiple “multi-use” shades for getting the perfect tone | Excellent customer service | Easy to setup


1 pressure speed | Doesn’t layer well

Photo Finish Professional

  • Flawless finish, sheer to full coverage for ALL skin types
  • No animal testing , made in the US and no alcohol or harmful parabens
  • Oil-free, mineral based, & NON-harsh preservatives
  • 5 piece fair and medium foundation set, blush, concealer, shimmer, Neroli anti aging primer and silica finishing powder


The Photo Finish professional airbrush cosmetic makeup system is the best airbrush makeup kit in its price range. This system is what most people use when they’re just starting airbrush makeup application.

The makeup system is long-lasting and has so many different shades it truly fits all skin tones. The system is made in the USA, doesn’t promote or use animal testing and is meant for home use.

The many different color options are all available in 2 finishes either a matte or a luminous finish. Although many people prefer matte to avoid looking shiny, it’s important to note here that matte finishes also bring out fine lines and draw attention to wrinkles.

You can easily use the Photo Finish professional airbrush cosmetic makeup system for everyday use, and the product goes far, so you do not have to buy more foundation all the time. The coverage is long-lasting which makes it great for parties, weddings, prom and more.

The Photo Finish professional airbrush cosmetic makeup system uses a mineral based-foundation which is far different than any other option on this list. The foundation doesn’t smudge and is water resistant. However, it’s hard to remove.

Like most of the other popular options, this airbrush uses a single action trigger, has a gravity style product feed and uses an internal mix. These are so popular because they’re the formula for a high-quality airbrush. Read more here.


Anti-aging primer | Matte option is great for oily skin | Easy to buy refills | Smaller nozzle | 24-hour wear


Not available everywhere

TEMPTU Premier Kit

  • The lightweight 2.0 Compressor is designed for easy travel and simple to use
  • Great for beauty or body applications
  • High end, silicone based foundation shades perfect the skin’s appearance and leave a healthy glow
  • Keep your airbrush set clean with the included 4 ounce cleaner solution


The Temptu 2.0 premier airbrush makeup kit is great because of the many different skin tone shades. This is the perfect kit for a bridal party or a newly started professional makeup artist. You can blend any of these skin tones for your perfect match.

The products are lightweight, and the system itself is lightweight which is always a bonus. This kit comes with 8 bottles of blush, a concealer wheel, 6 bottles of bronzer and the makeup kit so you can learn to mix your foundations for a true match.

The foundations are silicone-based which makes them a favorite throughout the professionals in the beauty industry. Many different skin tones make this kit perfect for special occasions. The nozzle uses a soft focus to disperse makeup consistently evenly.

The airbrush is easy to hold and uses a single action, gravity fed, internal mix system. However, it’s important to note that the compressor on this model is much louder and larger than many other systems this size. It’s louder and larger to allow for the silicone to work through the system without clogging.

When you’re using the Temptu 2.0 premier airbrush makeup kit, you can easily later multiple coats of coverage on for a perfect blend and full coverage. You can slowly work contouring and blush into your face with consistency and even strokes. Read more here.


Many shades included | Easy to clean | Lightweight | Easy to use


Not easy to travel with | Must be cleaned after every use

Belloccio Professional Kit

UNDER $100
  • 3 airflow settings
  • Comes with 4 colors medium shade foundation set
  • Anti-aging moisturizing primer (1/4 oz) included
  • Blush, highlighter & radiant bronzer included


The Belloccio professional beauty airbrush cosmetic makeup is one of the best airbrush makeup kits around. This package comes with a lot of product, and the foundations are high-quality. This brushless cosmetics kit has only water-based makeup that is hypoallergenic.

It works out well especially for acne-prone and sensitive skin. There’s no fragrances, oils, or parabens and it washes off easily. However, this youth-retaining makeup formula doesn’t stay for hours on end.

The long-term wear is a little low for special occasions, but this is perfect for everyday day wear.

It uses a .4mm tip for a very fine product mist that provides consistent coverage. As with our other best airbrush makeup kit reviews, this airbrush kit is a single action trigger with a gravity feed.

The option to choose between 3 different air pressures helps in obtaining full-coverage without caking it on. This formula layers very well to cover blemishes and tattoos. Read more here.


Hypoallergenic | Easy to use | Includes cleaner | High-quality makeup | Paraben-free


Makeup doesn’t wear for very long | Needs touch-ups throughout the day

Luminess Air Basic Kit

  • Dermatologist tested and approved, and goes on easy
  • Hypo-allergenic, water-based, non-comedogenic and opaque formula is ideal for acne-prone, dry, sensitive and mature skin types
  • Makeup allows skin to breathe without sacrificing coverage


The Luminess air basic airbrush makeup system is quite the value. This kit is getting a lot of praise from professionals for its quality of makeup and the even pressure throughout its use. The nozzle and compressor work together to deliver an outstanding finished product.

The makeup pulls its weight as well here. The Lumineers air basic airbrush makeup system uses only water-based makeup, so they’re great for sensitive skin. However, they don’t have the botanicals or minerals needed for acne-prone skin.

With 16 different foundation shades to choose from you will always get a perfect match for your skin tone. Unfortunately, many people online are making copy-cat versions of the Lumineers airbrush makeup kit. Be on the lookout!

Luminess shines with its many different models. The same kit is available in a range of different sizes to fit every budget. The only difference between the models is the compressor size and quality. Many people at home don’t need the power that professional makeup artists use. Read more here.


Available in different sizes | 16 different skin tone shades | Skin tones available in matte and satin


Top of the line kits are expensive

Iwata Eclipse HP-CS Kit

  • Dual-action gravity-feed airbrush with a 1/3 oz. funnel shaped cup
  • This airbrush has a unique 0.35-mm needle and nozzle combination for fine-detail spraying
  • Perfect for cosmetics, tanning, hobbies/models, fingernail painting, bakery and general airbrushing
  • The Silver Jet includes: Coiled Airhose and Pressure Adjustable Knob


The Iwata Silver Jet deliver a portable and reliable airbrush makeup setup that looks like it is more expensive than it is. Although the Iwata Silver Jet is a little pricey for beginners, many professionals love it. If airbrush makeup is a part of your morning routine, it’s worth the investment.

The airbrush makeup kit includes the compressor, coiled hose, oil-free piston motor hose connector, and pistol-grip filter. The adjustable knobs and handles allow you to control the pressure gauge.

The compressor sets up easily and can exert a maximum of 30 PSI.

The Iwata Silver Jet is one of the best airbrush makeup kits in its price range. Overall the foundations are of decent quality.


Comfortable handle | 10-30 PSI | Airburst dock to secure your gun


A little expensive | Difficult to clean


  • Excellent Airbrush makeup Kit for both professional and personal use
  • Made with high quality precision components
  • Quite and durable mini compressor
  • Suitable with most Brand water base airbrush foundation


The Pinkiou Mini Airbrush Makeup Kit is a solid little kit for a great price. This company offers multiple product lines for beauty and cosmetics applications. They pride themselves on building products that are made to last and manufactured with high quality materials.

The good thing about this set is that it’s lightweight (less than 2 pounds) and small. It has 3 speed settings and plenty of pressure at 25 psi (Pinkiou recommends using this product at 5 psi). And you can get it for a low price.

Another cool thing about the Pinkiou kit is that you can use it for several other things besides airbrush makeup. You can use it for cake decorating, temporary tattoos, and spray tanning.

However it’s not as glamorous as some of the other kits. It doesn’t come with any makeup or some of the high end features like the Temptu or Photo Finish. The stylus has 0.4 mm nozzle which is great. But it’s only a single action instead of the preferred double action. You could consider the Pinkiou kit the ‘no frills’ option on our list.

This is a great choice if you’re looking for an airbrush kit that has other uses besides airbrush makeup. And if you go with this one be prepared to purchase your airbrush makeup foundation separately.

Check out our article on this affordable kit.


Budget friendly | Lightweight and small | Can be used for multiple applications | Made with durable materials


Single action stylus | Doesn’t come with any makeup or foundation | Instructions not included

Tickled Pink

  • Professional quality, all metal construction, gravity feed, single action
  • On-demand compressor with no air tanks
  • Your choice of 3 shades of foundation
  • Lifetime warranty on the airbrush gun


This is one of the best airbrush makeup kits for the money, and is more than a simple kit for home. The Ticked Pink cosmetic airbrush makeup kit has all the quality of a professional grade airbrush with an affordable price tag.

The Ticked Pink cosmetic airbrush makeup kit uses its design to cater to anyone doing their makeup at home.

Its cup doesn’t obstruct your view in a mirror, and the look is feminine and sleek. The application gun is super lightweight and comfortable to hold so your hand won’t get tired. The makeup looks fantastic, and it does wonders for the oily and acne-prone skin.

This brushless cosmetics kit’s formulas use aloe and antioxidants to nourish your skin. Its products are 89% organic and cater to the oily and sensitive skin.

Water Based Best Airbrush Makeup Foundation

With a water-based foundation, the Ticked Pink cosmetic airbrush makeup kit is great for everyday wear. You can quickly see the benefits of your skin when you remove your makeup at the end of the day. This makeup is paraben free.

The Ticked Pink cosmetic airbrush makeup kit uses a gravity fed airbrush where the product cup sits on top and a simple, single action trigger. This airbrush makeup kit is a great value. The system is entirely metal and doesn’t use air tanks, so it’s very quiet.

You have 3 different pressure options which gives you much more control than some of the other options available.

Overall the Ticked Pink cosmetic airbrush makeup kit is the best airbrush makeup kit for beginners. They make buying refills easy so that you can keep your even coverage daily, not just on special occasions. Read more here.


Great for your skin | 89% organic | Paraben-free | Easy to use and clean | Lightweight


Single action trigger | Must blend foundation colors yourself from 3 color options


When you’re looking for the best airbrush makeup kit, you want to ensure that you’re getting all the benefits of airbrush makeup. I always make sure airbrush makeup kits check these boxes before buying:

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean system
  • Natural coverage
  • All day wears
  • Caters to my skin type
best airbrush makeup

These are factors that we used to claim every type of makeup needed, but then we lost faith and realized traditional foundations and powders won’t meet the mark.

Choices For The Best Airbrush Makeup

Each kit is very different, and many offer a ton of features that can either make a kit amazing or confusing. With hundreds of kits available, it can be overwhelming finding the right one for you.

Although we’ve listed the 10 best airbrush makeup kits here, you might struggle with finding the right one.

Always consider the factors above before purchasing a kit. But to ensure that a kit will be easy to clean, lightweight and offer all-day wear you’ll need to look at the ingredients in the makeup and the different applicators.


Just like traditional powders, and liquid makeup, airbrush makeup uses a variety of formulas. There’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution. Although it’s disappointing I can’t give you a simple yes or no answer, it’s better for us all.

Different ingredients can cater to your skin type and make blending easier for a better skin tone match.

Most airbrush makeup uses a water base because it’s easy on the skin. However, silicone-based airbrush makeup is growing in popularity because of it’s all day wear. Both water and silicone-based airbrush makeup are easy to build up with multiple layers making blending easy and flawless.

We sure to check your system when you purchase it, some systems are not compatible with certain types of makeup. Usually, kits come with makeup, but if you find something you enjoy you should try to find a kit that works with that formula.

WATER-BASED FORMULAS For The Best Airbrush Makeup

This makeup dries quickly which is one of its best features. The best airbrush makeup should give the appearance of healthy skin. Although matte and dewy trends come and go, healthy-looking skin is always the best option.

This article talks about silicone vs. water based formulas.

Water-based formulas help skin retain a natural gloss without appearing dry or oily. The downside to water-based formulas is that the makeup itself isn’t as resilient as most makeup products. Many people are using water-based formulas for everyday wear.

Typically, water-based airbrush makeup formulas are easy to clean because they dissipate quickly and rinse off without much effort.


There are a few benefits to polymer-blend formulas. First, I the benefit of its partial water-formula in that it works well with oily skin and is easy to clean. Second is that the polymer extends the life of the water-based makeup and makes it transfer resistant. Finally, this airbrush makeup formula dries in a continuous coat.


Silicone-based formulas are the thickest formula option available, and it requires a pressurized device to use it. The nozzle is usually thicker which is more comfortable for some people.

Silicone-based formulas provide a perfect finish that is natural looking, blends, and reblends easily and dry almost instantly. The best silicone-based airbrush makeup formulas are completely water resistant. These are the types of airbrush makeup sometimes used for special occasions such as weddings or prom.


Waterproof, smudge-proof and transfer resistant, this makeup stays in place. This airbrush makeup is a favorite among professional makeup artists for special occasions. These formulas stay in place for so long that they only wash off with a special product.

This type of airbrush makeup does dry out the skin. If you have oily skin, you probably won’t notice as much. However, if you don’t have oily skin, this makeup can wreak havoc on your face. Only wear this type of makeup for a few hours if you regularly have to try skin.

Typically, alcohol and alcohol-blend formulas aren’t meant for everyday use. Not only because of their drying effect but also because of the price tag.

These formulas are great for one-off occasions like a wedding, prom or anniversary party. It’s also great for covering stretch marks, tattoos, and scars.

DIFFERENT APPLICATORS For The Best Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup requires a sort of applicator gun that uses any mixture of these 3 features. The features are a preference that you should seriously consider before purchasing. Although it seems like a matter of comfort during application, these applicators can alter and change the completed look of your makeup.

Airbrush makeup helps you avoid cakey foundation.


The trigger on an applicator gun comes in 2 varieties, either single or dual action. The trigger actions refer to what type of push effect the gun has.

A single action trigger controls the airflow that interacts with the amount of product. The among of airbrush makeup released is predetermined. The product works on a fluid release which means that the same amount of product will always come out.


Single action trigger application guns are great for beginners. It will provide a very consistent layer of makeup throughout the application. The needle setting internally is easily adjustable on most kits. The best airbrush makeup kit reviews site that these are the go-to for beginners.


A dual action trigger mechanism not only controls the airflow, but it also controls how much product releases during application. You can easily change the width of the application line and increase or decrease the density of the makeup as well.

Typically, with a dual action trigger, you use one trigger to press down for the airflow control and pull back for the product flow.

Many experienced makeup artists graduate to a dual action airbrush makeup kit so they can specify patterns and detail contouring flawlessly. It’s easy to have a single stroke that graduates in thickness with a dual action trigger. For beginners, it’s difficult to manage both functions while also applying the makeup.


A gravity feed is one way that the makeup gets into the airbrush’s system. The product loads into a cup that sits on the top of the airbrush and simple gravity bring it down into the internal section of the application gun.

These are the most popular types of supply mechanism as they’re easy to handle and relatively easy to clean. The product tracks through the application gun with ease, which makes it easy to identify how much product you’re using, and it gives you increased control.

The gravity feed makeup supply mechanism lets the user craft fine patterns with little effort. These are the most popular and overall, best when it comes to airbrush makeup kits.


These airbrushes are best for working on a vertical surface. Although a few professional makeup artists enjoy using these brushes, they’re difficult to use on yourself. It’s also difficult to track how much product you’re using as the cup that holds the makeup sits on the side of the application gun.

You can achieve a great detail with these guns. However, the product cup will obstruct your view on one side or another.


The benefit of bottom fed airbrush makeup kits is that the product is siphoned up into the unit with a tube that connects to the underneath section of the chamber. The great thing about this system setup is that you can easily change colors without having to clean out the product cup.

Some people opt for a bottom feed airbrush makeup kit because of the ease of color changes. However, they don’t account for how difficult it is to clean these devices. Cleaning a hose system as well as the applications spray system is time-consuming and frustrating.


The point where air meets product is very important, and it’s called the point of the mixture. There are 2 options available for a point of the mixture. Either the product meets air outside the application gun, or inside the application gun. The internal mix airbrushes are the most common and for a good reason.

See, external mixes pull air in from the side of the product, and that results in a far less consistent pattern. The inconsistencies mean that your makeup won’t be flawless, your contouring may be a wreck, and your coverage won’t be uniform. There’s also no change for detail here.

Many people buy airbrush makeup kits with an external point of the mixture because they’re cheaper and aimed at beginners.

Internal point of mixture creates a very consistent blend because the product meets air in a contained environment. The result of the internal point of the mixture is a finer mist that dispenses through the airbrush in a more consistent pattern. Because the air a product meet within the changer you can create fine patterns, and contour tightly.


Different skin types have different needs, and nothing is more frustrating than makeup companies thinking that one product suits everyone. The 3 main skin types of concern here are acne-prone skin, mature skin, and oily skin.

Mature skin needs some help from airbrush makeup application. You want a product that can mask fine lines, and cover wrinkles without caking. That sounds like a tall order, but for airbrush makeup, it’s not. What you want is that flawless look. You should shop for systems that are compatible with silicone-based formulas.

There are 2 primary systems that cater to mature skin, and they are the Art of Air and the AeroBlend system. These 2 options offer an enriched look with soothing botanicals in their formulas.

The Best Airbrush Makeup For Acne-Prone Skin

You want something that’s anti-inflammatory, and water-based. Because water-based formulas are easier on the skin, you can get away with wearing more layers as your skin clears up.

There is a brand that stands apart from the competition, and that’s Tickled Pink. This brand uses botanicals with anti-inflammatory properties to help your skin recover and stay clear. They use aloe, and all their formulas are 89% organic.

The Best Airbrush Makeup For Oily Skin

You should focus on water-based foundations and formulas that promise a “shine-free” coverage. You also want a formula that will help guard against sweat. Although it is tempting to go for the full coverage alcohol-based foundations stay away!

Unless you’re planning a long night out full of dancing and sweating, you don’t need alcohol-based formulas to cover your oily skin.

People with oily skin already have enough struggles. But fortunately, it’s easy to find airbrush makeup that’s fit for oily skin. The most popular and often considered the best airbrush makeup is water-based, and that’s great for oily skin.


Best Airbrush Makeup

I know I love going a little extra special with my makeup when it comes to weddings and other special events. Many people makeup their entire bridal party even though they likely have different skin tones and makeup routines. However, airbrush makeup is great for this very thing. You can easily purchase a versatile airbrush makeup kit that has a wide variety of foundation colors to everyone looks flawless.

It’s best because silicone or alcohol-based formulas will last all day even with dancing and running around. Many brands make airbrush makeup kits specifically for bridal purposes. You should check out these options, including the Photo Finish kit which is completely water-resistant.

The Best Airbrush Makeup That is Also Water Resistant

Whichever kit you end up using is’ important that you use formulas that won’t smudge or come off with water. You can also use a waterproof sealant, or “stay spray” to help you get through such an emotional day with your face intact. This is also very useful when applying airbrush makeup for costume parties or Halloween.

Plan for the heat of hugging, dancing and running from place to place checking in on your guests. Special occasions are stressful, but your makeup doesn’t have to suffer.


Many people stay away from airbrush makeup because it looks so daunting. But that’s not the case. So many people watched the old airbrush makeup kit infomercials in the 1990s in awe.

It is exactly what we all needed! A lightweight, full-coverage solution for everyday makeup wear. We still find these to be the most popular questions about airbrush makeup.


I saw the informercials long before I entertained the thought of using an airbrush makeup kit. But, it is pretty straightforward. After you get used to it, using the airbrush makeup kit is actually easier than applying making with brushes or sponges.

To start your setup of the airbrush makeup kit, read the instructions for your device. Because each device is different, we can’t provide too much instruction here. But, after your airbrush makeup kit is the setup, you add a few drops of your makeup into the reservoir.

Aim the application gun towards your face with about 6 inches of distance. Then, slowly spray and sweep the application gun in smooth even strokes for full coverage.

You should take a while to practice and be ready with makeup remover! Practice makes perfect, and soon you’ll understand how to anticipate and plan for the pressure of your airbrush makeup kit. You’ll get the hang of it in no time. I was sold after only a few days of use!


Absolutely! It’s not recommended that you use harsh formulas daily, so stick to water-based or silicone-blend formula options but other than that there’s no problem with wearing airbrush makeup every day.

As you use airbrush makeup more, you’ll pick up on the hand motions that guide your lines best or provide the best coverage. You always want to practice before you have a big date or special event.

But many people find that a few days of practice has formed a habit of simply using the airbrush makeup instead of their traditional powders and liquids.


It’s easy to clean your system, but we can’t break down each particular step because systems are different. Essentially you want to wash out any left-over makeup and use a cleanser to clean the system fully.

Many airbrush makeup kits come with a cleaner for cleaning that you can continue to purchase separately. However, there are also many cleansers available online if you want something a little stronger.

You should also regularly clean the nozzle of the application gun. Everyone once in a while you can completely break down your airbrush makeup applicator system and give it a good soak for a deep clean.

Grab a bowl and fill it about halfway with the cleaning solution. Let the parts sit in the cleaner for a few minutes and then wipe each of them down. Allow the pieces to air dry, and you have a super clean airbrush makeup applicator system.


Although I don’t think you can make a poor choice here, every roundup needs a winner and mine is the Dinair Airbrush Makeup Starter Kit. I’ve found it to be the easiest to use, the most convenient, and also easy to clean. For me, it checked the most important boxes and I think it’s one of the best airbrush makeup kits available on the market today.

To find the best airbrush makeup kit, you need to consider your skin type, budget, and how easy the system is to use. Although many of the kits I listed here are for beginners, not all starter kits are made equal.

But you can always buy a starter kit, and work to improve your airbrush technique while you look for your next upgrade. You can find tips and tricks on how to make your airbrush makeup look even better.

For beginners focus on finding a single action trigger, adjustable pressure, gravity-fed airbrush application gun. For professionals, look for something with a hose that’s at least 6-feet, so you have room to move around.

Regardless of what you choose, I’m confident you’ll be happy with your decision. Best of luck!