What are the Benefits of Airbrushing?

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What are the benefits of airbrushing?

Whether you’re a professional makeup artist or a makeup enthusiast, creating a look for formal occasions like weddings and for events where you’ll be onscreen or getting photographed can be tricky. In recent years, many people have switched to airbrush makeup, not only because of the fact that it’s easy to apply and requires less makeup but also because of its perfect photo finish. Understanding the benefits of airbrushing can help you as you navigate this exciting industry.

The use of airbrush makeup is reserved for the skin. The device is filled with the desired product (such as foundation, primer, or even blush), and when it’s switched on, the airbrush gun sprays the makeup onto your face.

Read on as we look at how airbrush makeup is becoming more mainstream and why professionals and other makeup users are switching to this new option.

What are the Benefits of Airbrushing your Skin?

Photo Finish

The traditional foundation is usually a bit heavy on the skin, and when it sediments in your pores, it often has a slightly matte, cakey effect. Airbrush foundation is lightweight, and since it’s applied as a fine mist, it gives a flawless finish. Keep in mind that even within the airbrush foundation, there are different varieties. A silicone-based foundation is likely to give a finish that resembles the traditional foundation.

The way airbrush makeup evenly covers your skin and pores makes your face camera-ready at all times which is why it is particularly popular in the media industry.

Long Lasting

Despite the fact that it’s a very thin layer, airbrush makeup actually lasts on the skin! It can stay on for the whole day, especially if you finish off your look with a few spritzes of setting spray.

This is why it has become particularly popular among brides – even their tears won’t smudge their flawless skin.

The “No-Makeup” Look

The best way to apply makeup to your face is to make it look as if it’s your natural skin. Traditional makeup has a slightly caked finish, but the thin layer of airbrushed makeup actually shows your natural skin through as well.

Easy to Apply

If you’ve ever furiously dabbed a makeup sponge against your face in a desperate attempt to smooth out your foundation, then you know what we’re talking about. Airbrush makeup doesn’t require blending since it’s a very fine spray. The even appearance of your skin is dependent on how you use the airbrush gun. At most, you might need to gently dab a makeup sponge at the end to spread the mist, but this is only in the initial stages when you’re still getting used to the airbrush gun.

Hygienic and Germ-Free

Makeup brushes and sponges are a breeding ground for bacteria, and while most of us are careful about cleaning them, they can irritate sensitive and blemish-prone skin. There is of course the variety of people who use their fingers which is even worse since the germs will spread more easily this way.

Since the airbrush gun never actually touches your face, it’s the most hygienic and safest way of applying makeup.

Will Airbrush Makeup Ever Completely Replace Traditional Makeup?

What are the Benefits of Airbrushing?

Airbrush makeup sounds like it’s ready to take over traditional makeup. However, while it’s a cleaner and more efficient way of creating the perfect makeup look, there are some factors to think about.

Things to Consider

Wrinkled Skin

Airbrush makeup is applied in a very thin layer. While it can cover up fine lines, it doesn’t work quite as well on wrinkles. In that case, it may be used on top of the traditional foundation for a finishing touch. The same applies to skin with very large pores since the mist of airbrush makeup will just settle in the pores instead of providing even coverage on the whole face.

Blemished Skin

The problem with blemished skin is the same as that with wrinkles: they become more prominent or still remain visible with airbrush makeup. Attaining that flawless photo finish requires traditional makeup as well.

Contour and Highlight

If a clean, contoured look is what you’re after, then you’ll need the help of traditional makeup. Since airbrush makeup is sprayed on, it can’t be used for definitive makeup techniques like highlighting your jawline or cheekbones. Again, as with uneven skin, in such cases, airbrush makeup can be used after contouring to smooth out any patchy areas of the foundation.

Beauty On-The-Go

While traditional makeup can be fit into a tiny clutch purse or a handbag, carrying an airbrush kit around isn’t always a good option. Even though the device is quite small, you’d still need to fill up the little container and find a proper space where you can use the airbrush gun on your face. For smaller touch-ups, traditional makeup can be dabbed on with a finger and a compact mirror.

The Expense

Airbrush kits aren’t the most cost-efficient choice when it comes to selecting makeup, but when it comes to your face, your skin deserves the best. Even though airbrush makeup is slightly higher priced than traditional makeup, it uses less product and keeps skin hydrated which ultimately helps your skin retain its health and youth.

Is Airbrush Makeup Just a Fad?

While airbrush makeup isn’t going to completely take over the concept of traditional makeup products and their application, it’s still here to stay. Apart from being a quick and easy way to attain a glowing, natural look, it’s also a safety net for people who aren’t too great at applying makeup.

For blemished or uneven skin, airbrush makeup is ideally used in tandem with traditional makeup where the latter is used to even out skin, and the former is used to add a smooth glow.

With many makeup artists jumping onboard the airbrush trend, it’s clear that this is a technique that’s here to stay, particularly for wedding makeup and professional photoshoots.

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