Dinair Airbrush Kit

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The Dinair Airbrush Kit gives makeup users the chance to enjoy airbrush makeup for their personal use and lets makeup artists hone and improve their skills in the art of makeup application. The pioneer among airbrush cosmetics for home use, Dinair Airbrush Makeup Kits have recently upgraded their makeup offerings and have re-classified them into Personal Basic, Personal Pro, Dinair Go and Studio Pro. All of these kits have the same equipment and differ only in the number and type of makeup products included.

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The Kit At-a-Glance

Dinair Airbrush Kit

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  • 25 Multi-Purpose Colors: For shimmer, shadow/brow, blush, eye liner and more!
  • Moist & Dewy 3mL moisturizer
  • 3 – year manufacturer warranty
  • 3 Dinair Matte Liquid Lipstains: Vixen, Whisper and Havana Nights

What’s in the Kit

The Dinair Airbrush Kit includes a variety of essential airbrush equipment and makeup products. Dinair’s normal compressor for the Personal and Pro kit is handy and small but the mini compressor unit with the Dinair Go and Deluxe Professional Kit is even more compact, with adjustable pressure settings at a maximum of 9 PSI and it comes in different colors. For the Deluxe Kit, the compressor hues are champagne, white pearl, red sparkle and black onyx. The patented innovative CX Airbrush is designed for a comfortable grip, seamless flow and more accurate spraying.

Glamour Foundations

As for the makeup products, you can choose 9 shades of Glamour Foundations.

Paramedical Foundations

A selection of 3 Paramedical Foundations is also available.

Dinair Blush

Dinair Blush is of three types, glamour, shimmer and opalescent, and this kit lets you choose 4 shades from any of those.

Eye Makeup

From the eye makeup, you can take your pick of nine shades from the eye shadow, eye liner and eye brow products.


Similar to the blush, the eyeshadow is classified into glamour, shimmer and opalescent. Eye liner and eye brow however are strictly from the glamour line.

Moist-n-Dewy Moisturizer

To prepare the face and keep it from drying, there’s the Moist n Dewy moisturizer.

Adjuster Shades

 You also receive your choice of four adjuster shades from the glamour and paramedical line. All of the products are enclosed in ¼ ounce bottles.

Stencil Set

Both experts and novices will also appreciate the stencil set for the eye shadow shield, lips, eyebrow, and eyeliner, which will help you work more efficiently.

Citrus Cleaner

To keep your equipment in top condition, the kit also contains one 8 ounce bottle of citrus cleaner for everyday cleaning and one ¼ ounce bottle of deep cleaner to rinse out hard to remove makeup from your airbrush.

Comments and Reviews from Users

Many users are singing the praises of the Dinair Airbrush Kit. The compressor packs quite a lot of power but is whisper-quiet and at its lowest setting, is barely audible. It’s the perfect size to pop into your purse but is well-designed and sturdily built.

One user has vouched that her Dinair compressor and airbrush stylus has lasted for years and she’s still using it. The CX airbrush is unique from other recently emerged rivals as the nozzle can be detached and easily cleaned.

The cleaning system is one of the best and guarantees that any makeup residue is thoroughly removed and your airbrush stays in fine form. Just be sure to follow the video tutorials on how to clean the airbrush after each use, plus regular deep cleaning. The makeup itself can be counted on to stay smoothly in place even hours after application. It also has a nice lightweight feel on the skin.

The glamour foundation is water-based and provides light to medium coverage while the paramedical foundation is great for medium to solid coverage of problem areas like acne, redness and scars. If you want a natural-looking, beautiful and glowing appearance, the Dinair airbrush kit is perfect for you.

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