How to do Airbrush Makeup For Brides

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Your wedding is arguably the happiest day of your life, and also the most stressful one. Among a million other things, brides have to make the daunting decision of deciding where to get their makeup done. Since makeup artists charge hefty amounts and often don’t understand your features as well you do, a lot of brides prefer gussying up at home. This article will help you understand how to do airbrush makeup for brides.
We totally support getting dolled up at home! Nowadays, due to the breathtaking results it provides, airbrush makeup has become super common route for brides. If you are thinking of doing bridal airbrush makeup, here are a few tips and tricks to get you started. A little practice before the big day will ensure you get awesome results.

1. Choose the Foundation

The choice between silicon and water based foundations often confuses people when they opt for airbrush makeup. Your skin type will decide that for you. As a general rule, silicon-based foundation is preferred for brides because it lasts longer.  Even if you have a beach destination, sweat and tears won’t wipe away your makeup.

2. Mix and Match

Just because you’re using airbrush makeup doesn’t mean you can’t apply the same tricks you use for traditional makeup. Mixing and matching different foundations to get your exact shade will help get you knock-out results! We suggest you mix at least 2 foundations and insert the combination in your spray gun for use.

3. Moisturize Before

This step is the most important airbrush makeup tip you can ever get! Don’t forget to prep the skin before application of makeup. Brides with dry skin no longer need to shy away from airbrush makeup. Just make sure your skin is well hydrated on the day of the event. Even if you have oily skin, moisturizing your skin will provide a smooth canvas for the foundation to glide on. Brides can get their desired look with this super important tip.

4. Do Not Go Overboard with Foundation

Brides tend to overload the product into the spray gun, thinking it will provide extra coverage. When it comes to airbrush makeup, less is more! Use a few drops of the foundation and apply the technique to get a smooth finish. You need to play with the distance of the spray gun from your face, not with the amount of makeup.

5. Keep Spray Gun 6 Inches Away

The art of applying airbrush makeup is to keep the gun 6-8 inches away from your face. This helps get that photo-shopped finish you see in magazines. This technique also gives you a higher degree of control over the equipment. Make sure you spray in circular motions until the whole face is evenly covered. Do not stop application as it will end up in a blotchy finish.

6. Inch Closer for Coverage

Instead of using more product, the trick of airbrush makeup is to simply move the spray gun closer to problem areas like acne scars and blemishes. Contrary to what people think, airbrush makeup is actually a savior for brides with oily or problematic skin since this foundation acts as a filler, providing the perfect coverage you need for your big day.
Airbrush makeup tips

7. Do Not Wait for Oxidization

Many people re-apply foundation, thinking it will oxidize 15-20 minutes after application. Brides should be mindful that this only happens with traditional foundation. When applying airbrush makeup, the foundation oxidizes with the air as it is sprayed on the face so the actual shade appears on your skin from the very start.

8. Do not use External Products

In an attempt to enhance the makeup, many brides use traditional concealers or just a dab of their normal foundation to get some extra coverage. Instead of helping, this will ruin the quality of airbrush makeup. Your makeup can start to look cakey with such experiments so stick to the usual. With the right application, airbrush makeup will get you a good amount of coverage.

9. Use Spray Gun for Other Products

Brides should use the spray gun for other aspects of makeup as well, such as highlighter, blush, and eyeshadow. Airbrush makeup provides users a great degree of control, which is why it is able to get such fantastic results! Even when applying highlighter, keep a light hand, and use the same technique you use in applying foundation.

10. Let it Dry

Instead of immediately touching the face after application, wait for the makeup to dry. This will ensure your makeup does not get tarnished with touch. In case you mess something up, do not panic and ruin your big day. Much like traditional makeup, you can always wash your face and start over. After all, you have the advantage of time since airbrush makeup is much quicker than traditional makeup.

11. Keep a Light Lip

Airbrush makeup is the preferred choice for day weddings as it gives a sheer foundation that brides love! The highlighter catches the sun and glints at just the right amount. With this and your stunning white dress, we suggest you opt for a light colored lip. However, that is completely up to you. You may go bold and make a statement at your wedding.

12. Do Not Use Powder

Most brides use face powder after applying airbrush makeup. There is absolutely no need for that as it may interfere with the look. Airbrush makeup dries quickly and silicon-based foundation can last up to 16 hours! With these qualities, you really don’t need any setting spray or powder.
There are several benefits of bridal airbrush makeup. Which bride doesn’t want that dewy, natural makeup that will sweep her groom off his feet? With these airbrush makeup tips, you can get a sheer foundation with just the right amount of coverage. What’s more? Airbrush makeup is sure to get amazing shots of you in HD camera!

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