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Airbrush makeup has opened up a world of opportunity for beauty buffs. Special occasions or causal hangouts, the misty quality of airbrush makeup lends you a moonlit glow as if you don’t have any product on your face! Transcending the ‘no makeup look’ in effectiveness, this technique is all you need for a lifetime. In this article we will explore airbrush makeup for oily skin.
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Wait. Does everyone qualify for airbrush makeup? It might be a highly sought after makeup trend but does it really work for everyone? Does airbrush makeup work on dry skin?

Before we answer the most commonly asked and infrequently addressed queries, let us first examine the various skin types people possess.

Skin Types

Just as every individual has a different personality, they also have different skin types. To identify your skin type, hunt through our list highlighting the most common characteristics of each category.

Normal Skin

If you’re gifted with this skin type, you must have saved yourself a world of pain. Normal skin is a balance between dry and oily and doesn’t require many customizations in a skincare routine. Minimized pores, minimal imperfections and a healthy glow characterize normal skin. With this skin type, you can apply makeup without worrying about looking too greasy or too parched.

Oily Skin

The most common skin type, people with oily skin usually have a shiny T zone. You may show enlarged pores, and an overall greasy complexion. People with oily skin constantly battle with applying liquid foundation as it exacerbates the oily factor on their skin. Moreover, they tend to sweat more, melting away their makeup after short time periods.

Dry Skin

Mainly caused by lack of hydration, dry skin may exhibit fine lines, cracked skin, invisible pores, redness and dry, flaky patches. This skin type is the hardest to work with. Appling less makeup causes lackluster coverage while using more product results in cakey foundation.

Acne Prone Skin

Catalyzed by clogged pores and genetics, acne prone skin displays pimples, cystic acne, and acne scars. This skin type may be oily or dry but it is most often the former option. It may also be sensitive to products, immediately causing redness. Since this skin requires extra coverage, you may find yourself tied between applying lesser product to avoid texture and using more product to conceal acne. The first step is to recognize which skin type you fall under and then move on to the solution.

Airbrush ALL Skin Types

We cannot stress enough: a good skincare routine is pivotal to flawless makeup! However, airbrush makeup alleviates your need to work hard on your skin a notch thanks to its photo-ready finish. Airbrush makeup tricks for pros While we commonly believe not all skin types can adhere to a singular makeup technique, Airbrush makeup actually makes this possible! With flexibility in products, you can customize your application process in a way that best fits your skin condition. With such a vast potential, it is no surprise why the beauty industry is obsessed with airbrush makeup! Stay tuned to find out how.

Airbrush Makeup for Oily Skin

Airbrush makeup is a foolproof technique that can only go wrong if you choose the incorrect formula for your skin type. Since people with oily skin try to mitigate the sheen on their faces, they resort to loose powders to set their foundation in place. What does this do? Most often than not, it results in that hated cakey foundation. The airbrush makeup for oily skin you should be using is water based. Water based airbrush makeup has a matte finish, ideal to combat extra oils on the surface. Promising a shine free coverage, this technique works like magic for people with oily skin. Water based airbrush makeup also dries quickly and is less likely to displace. With a longer durability, water based foundation will ensure the product stays on your face. Using this formula, you can bag that effortless makeup look within minutes!

Airbrush Makeup for Dry Skin

Debunking the myth that airbrush makeup does not work on dry skin, we would like to put this out there loud and clear: any makeup, traditional or airbrush, when applied incorrectly, will produce an unpleasant result. With the right technique, airbrush makeup for dry skin is a pretty good deal. Silicon based airbrush makeup is suitable for dry skin if applied correctly. That would take a bit of practice but you will master the art eventually. Silicone based products require a higher pressure so that they produce a fine mist over your face without caking lines and wrinkles. When applied properly, silicon based airbrush makeup will relay a flawless finish, a fresh break from the layered look makeup tends to produce on dry skin. However, for dry skin, it is doubly important that the skin be prepped with a silicon-based primer before hand for a smoother finish.

Airbrush Makeup for Acne Prone Skin

Since acne prone skin is usually sensitive, the friction on the surface with traditional makeup can irritate the skin further. Moreover, the bacteria from beauty blenders, makeup brushes and your fingers can transfer onto your skin, exacerbating acne. Airbrush makeup works best for acne prone skin as it can provide coverage without rubbing any tools against the skin’s surface. For this type of skin, you may use either silicon based or water based airbrush makeup. The idea is to cover the face in a light mist and then inch the nozzle closer to your face for more coverage of acne spots and blemishes instead of adding more product that might cause over-layering. Water based airbrush makeup is generally less allergenic, rendering it an ideal option for even the most sensitive of skin types. Since silicon is not absorbed into the skin’s surface, it is less likely to clog pores than traditional makeup. As a result, it does not play a role in increasing acne.

Something for Everyone!

Contrary to popular belief, airbrush makeup can suit all skin types if applied correctly. If your skin does not strictly fall under any of the above skin types, a little experimentation will help you decide the best method and the type of airbrush makeup that does the job for you.