Aeroblend Airbrush Kit

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One thing we noticed early on with Aeroblend was their customer support. We were able to connect with them via Facebook messenger to ask questions. They were eager to help us as we evaluated their Aeroblend airbrush kit.

Great company culture and a fantastic product line.

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The Kit At-a-Glance

Aeroblend Airbrush Kit

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  • 4 Aeroblend Foundation Colors in the Light skin tone range (6 mL each)
  • 2 Aeroblend Airbrush Blush (6 mL each)
  • Highlighter (6 mL)
  • Bronzer (6 mL)
  • Ultra-Quiet Touch Compressor
  • Double Action Airbrush Stylus


Have you ever tried doing your own makeup using an airbrush? You probably think that airbrush is just for pro makeup artists, but that’s not true! The Aeroblend airbrush kit is perfect for beginners and pros.

We know that an airbrush system costs a little too much compared to using a sponge and foundation. However, if you’re looking for a way to do your makeup in a shorter time but still gives you that flawless look, you may want to consider airbrushing your makeup. Plus, those visible fine lines and large pores will become remarkably invisible.

Why not try it so you’ll be able to tell which method between the airbrush makeup and the traditional makeup will work best for you? Don’t worry; we’ll help you find an airbrush makeup set for a beginner like you.

Kiralee Hubbard, the founder of Aeroblend, is a makeup junkie and a makeup artist for nearly two decades now. Her experience and profession have become the key to establish her own business to make airbrushing makeup application effortless, yet hold up to pro standards.

Aeroblend offers stylishly designed airbrush styluses and a wide range of makeup from powder, foundation, blush-on to bronzers. If you’re looking for a pro or starter airbrush makeup kit, the Aeroblend Airbrush Makeup Personal Starter Kit is said to be one of the best.


This Aeroblend Airbrush kit includes five Aeroblend foundations in medium skin tone that are uniquely formulated from high-quality natural pigments and botanicals. Just in case a single shade doesn’t match your skin color, you can blend two shades until you find the right tone for your skin.

It also comes with two Aeroblend Airbrush Blush to make your complexion look natural and vibrant. What is better is that their products stay for up to 10 hours with minimal touch-ups only.

Additionally, the company is generous enough to include an Aeroblend Highlighter and a Bronzer that is specially formulated for their Double Action Airbrush Stylus, making airbrushing makeup quick and easy.

The ultra-quiet compressor is built in a portable size that lets you carry it even when you’re traveling. It has an adjustable dial for you to change the pressure so you can apply the foundation according to your desired coverage. This double action stylus will give you maximum control on the airflow and the quantity of the product that is being released.

The whole airbrush system is built to last even if you use it every day. If something goes wrong with it, worry not because it comes with a one-year warranty from the purchase of date.


If you want to try and switch to airbrushing your makeup, the Aeroblend Airbrush kit is a complete package. The whole airbrush system is easy to use, making your makeup application finished in a few minutes.

The package comes with five different shades of long-lasting foundation, giving you options to find the perfect tone for your skin. Plus, their foundations are great for concealing those large pores and other blemishes on your face.

Amazingly, the Aeroblend airbrush kit isn’t just for foundation use; they also produced liquid blushers and highlighters, which are both included in the kit to give your face a glowing, vibrant, and natural look. The only problem you would encounter with the product is that you may sometimes experience clogging on the stylus, so it may stop working at that moment. Thus, make sure you clean it after every use and always handle it with care.

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