Belloccio Airbrush Kit

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Belloccio Airbrush kit Review. Introduced by TCP Global in 1974, Belloccio has become a big name in the airbrush makeup industry. It presents a huge range of airbrush makeup with high quality and great prices.

To people’s delight, soon after strengthening its roots in the makeup industry, it launched a fantastic all-round kit, “Belloccio cosmetic makeup airbrush and compressor system”.

The kit comes with various items; it is a dream come true for many makeup lovers. With safe to use products and easy application system, it confiscated the hearts of many makeup artists.

Find out below if the kit is made for you too!

The Kit At-a-Glance

Belloccio Airbrush Kit

51lKBZWt 8L. SL500

UNDER $100

  • 3 airflow settings
  • Comes with 4 colors medium shade foundation set
  • Anti-aging moisturizing primer (1/4 oz) included
  • Blush, highlighter & radiant bronzer included

What Comes in the Kit?

The Belloccio airbrush kit comes with various advantages. It not only protects your skin but also enhances your everyday look. The kit includes the following items:

  1. A precision makeup airbrush
  2. A compressor with 3 airflow settings
  3. Belloccio’s four-color palette of foundation shades
  4. Bottles of anti-aging moisturizing primer
  5. Shimmer
  6. Blush
  7. Bronzer
  8. Airbrush cleaner
  9. 3 Free Bonus Items
  10. A user manual guide and an online link for beginners

All the items are high in quality and safe to use. They come with one goal – to provide a natural and healthy look. Belloccio’s makeup products are water-based so when they are applied through an airbrush, they create a soft, high-definition, long-lasting look. What more could a woman ask for?

Who is This Kit Meant For?

This kit is equipped with advanced makeup items and is designed for all women across the globe regardless of the age group. Belloccio’s airbrush makeup system comes with anti-aging properties and creates an ideal look that every woman aspires to have. Women who prefer to do their own makeup love this amazing system because it’s very easy to use and it becomes effortless with time. The user guide it includes makes it much more convenient to use.

Not only do women who do their makeup on their own prefer to use the kit, but also professional makeup artists. They approve of all the products Belloccio offers in the kit and they even name them when asked to mention their favorite products. This quality makes Belloccio compatible with other brands. This amazing kit is the reason why Belloccio’s success has skyrocketed.

Unboxing the Kit

The Belloccio airbrush kit comes in a plain box made out of cardboard. It’s white in color and the products that are inside are wrapped in plastic. The airbrush system comes with a small compressor, airbrush gun and a hose, and an AC adaptor.

It’s neither too heavy nor too light. It looks just like any other airbrush makeup system but works amazing.


The Compressor

It’s super quiet and is known as the “Mini Airbrush Compressor”. It’s small in size, light in weight and makes a little noise. It has a decent PSI range which is 5-15, ideal for fine foundation application. This high-end system consists of three airflow control settings, which is one of it’s greatest features that come in handy when one is a beginner. One more awesome feature it shares is its built-in airbrush holder and an airbrush hose made out of rubber. This airbrush is gravity-fed which makes it more advanced. Atop all this, it’s fine-looking with a shiny, metallic finish.

Belloccio Airbrush Makeup Gun

Exclusively designed for the mini compressor, this high-tech makeup gun is made out of anti-corrosive metals. It’s multi-purpose and has a very nice feel to it. It comes with a 0.4mm tip and 1/16 oz. cup which ensures fine mist application. It is a single-action airbrush that provides unobstructed flow to the makeup which carries out clean results.


Belloccio offers a separate airbrush, especially for tanning. It is designed to apply all of the makeup cosmetics mentioned below:

  1. Primer
  2. Foundation
  3. Blush
  4. Bronzer
  5. Highlighter

The Belloccio Makeup

Their foundation shades are all-natural, ranging from fair to tan and darker tones. They are 16 altogether:

Fair: Blanc, Vanilla, Alabaster, Buff.

Medium: Ivory, Beige, Golden Tan, Honey Beige.

Tan: Latte, Cappuccino, Mocha, Cocoa.

Dark: Hazelnut, Java, Expresso, Ebony

This foundation is oil-free; it has no parabens nor does it contains any fragrance. Ladies can find the shades they desire by the online shade finder they have. The Belloccio foundation covers the skin evenly without caking the face. It doesn’t clog pores either. It conceals acne-scars, tattoos, freckles, fine lines, wrinkles, etc. Hence, it renders a flawless look.

Belloccio anti-aging moisturizing primer comes in ¼ oz. bottle. It has Hyaluronic acid, Aloe-barbadensis, Dimethicone, and Peptides. All these elements render a gentle, smooth and elastic feel to the skin. This skin hydrating primer comes with anti-aging benefits that are desired by women all over the world. It prevents inflammation and helps promote healing to provide a healthy look. Peptides work as an antioxidant which serves the purpose of skin protection.

Belloccio blush is designed to give a matte look that is perfectly pigmented. And it comes in decent shades.

Shimmer that Belloccio designed creates a perfect charm on the skin by enhancing the facial features.

Highlighter and bronzer that Belloccio offers are one of a kind. There are six highlighters and one bronzer that work their magic on the skin. They help one to pull off a perfect, natural look, highlighting the parts desired. It is best to apply them over the Belloccio foundation.

How to Use the Belloccio Airbrush Kit

It’s a piece of cake to use the Belloccio Airbrush System. Just plug in the AC adaptor, attach the airbrush gun and the hose together, and press the “On” button to bring it to life. Since it comes with a user guide, it never fails to work right.

3 Free Bonus Items:

  1. A 5-gram jar of fair shade concealer
  2. Egg-shaped blending sponge
  3. Belloccio airbrush makeup finishing spray


  • Affordable Price
  • Awesome Quality
  • Lightweight and stylish
  • Fantastic and effective makeup products.
  • Less time-consuming


  • Makeup range limited
  • Poor website


The Belloccio Airbrush kit comes with great skincare benefits. The active ingredients in the makeup products and the quality of the airbrush gun make it a must-have beauty buy. It not only hydrates and protects the skin but also enhances everyday makeup.

It is an excellent kit for those who want a magical look in just 5 minutes.

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