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Makeup has evolved. The wide array of products together with several makeup techniques to keep face oil-free, make skin look younger, and improve overall appearance. Know the basics and answer the question, “Is airbrush makeup better than the traditional ones?

What Is a Traditional Makeup?

The traditional makeup technique gives you a thicker consistency. It uses cream, liquid, and powdered foundations applied through makeup tools such as fiber brushes, sponges, or foundation brushes. The application of the makeup using brushes can be time-consuming depending on the skill level of the makeup artist.

Nevertheless, most women prefer the traditional method due to its wide variations and options. There are numerous formulations and shades available depending on your skin type. It also offers light to full coverage depending on your needs and preferences.


  • Easier application using a brush or tip of fingers

Traditional makeup is the most versatile as it comes in a wide variety of shades that can match your skin tone. Brushes are used to apply thick foundation while your fingertips can blend well lighter applications.

  • Lasts up to 12 hours

Wearing a traditional makeup can make you feel and look good for up to 12 hours. The makeup artist can make and match formulations that can work well for your skin. A primer can be used prior to application of the foundation to ensure that gorgeous look all day long.

  • Less expensive

This technique does not require an entire makeup system and kit. All you need is budget-friendly and easy-to-use products such as foundation, eyeshadow, lipsticks, and set of brush kits.


  • Hard to conceal pimple marks and scars

The traditional makeup cannot guarantee an instant camouflage for your tough marks and scars. Applying too much powder on these unwanted marks is not advisable as it can attract a lot of attention.

  • Feels heavy on the skin

The thicker consistency of the foundation may tend to give you a cakey look, and a heavy feel on the face. Makeups are made up of chemicals that can be harmful to your skin causing allergies and even dryness.

  • Occasional retouch is necessary

It is not waterproof and tends to rub off on your clothing. The makeup may also smudge requiring you to regularly touch up to maintain that constant brilliant and glowing look.

  • Prone to skin infection

The use of sponges and brushes in applying makeup can cause bacteria buildup. Be sure to practice proper hygiene by regularly cleaning and sanitizing your tools.

What Is an Airbrush Makeup?

The airbrush makeup technique offers a much thinner foundation due to its specially formulated silicon or water-based foundation. It is applied using an airbrush gun and a makeup air compressor.

This method is applied in thin layers to the skin giving an even and smooth finished look. A flawless finish can be achieved through the finely misted spray giving a more even skin tone without worrying on weighing the skin down.


  • Can last all day

The silicon-based foundation allows longer lasting and more water-resistant makeup. This can withstand a longer period including inevitable hugging and kissing of your family and friends.

  • Minimal and flawless finish

Airbrushing technique gives more coverage even lesser products are used. This is due to the spray technique that allows your minimal application to go a long way. It also ensures an evenly soft and smooth finish for that perfect looking skin.

  • Easy layering

Since the airbrush application comes in a fine layer, the makeup dries up easily. This will allow you to add more layers depending on the coverage that you want to achieve.


  • Can be flaky

The use of airbrush is best if you have hydrated and moisturized skin type. Using it on dry skin may tend to produce a flaky appearance due to its waterproof formulation that gives a less creamy consistency.

  • Difficulty in reblending

Filling of the makeup streaks to recreate your original look may be difficult with more airbrushing or traditional techniques. However, if properly applied this retouching can no longer be an issue.

  • Limited shade and color options

The airbrush technique uses a different type of foundation. They are being offered in a more limited selection of brands and shades. Matching of colors with your skin may be a bit challenging.

  • More expensive

Airbrush is an expensive technique as compared to the traditional ones. This is because of the tools used such as the airbrush gun and the specialized foundations needed.

Is Airbrush Makeup Better than Traditional Makeup?

Making the best choice of makeup to use becomes a lot easier if you know the basics. Both traditional and airbrush makeup comes with their challenges during application. Ultimately, the decision comes down to your personal needs and preferences.

  • Both traditional and airbrush makeup can last all day. Primers and setting powders can be used in conjunction with a traditional method so that it can last as long as airbrush.
  • Airbrush can cover but cannot hide the unwanted marks in your skin. The traditional method provides fuller coverage that focuses greatly on eliminating the imperfections of your skin.
  • Hydrated and moisturized skin types are perfect for airbrush makeup. Dry skin is recommended to use the traditional technique to prevent flaking or caking.
  • Traditional makeups come with more color options as compared to airbrush. Check the available shades and see if it matches your skin tone.
  • Airbrush is much more expensive than traditional makeup. Consider your budget without compromising your looks.
  • Airbrush is lightweight and suits all temperature including rainy and sunny weather. Traditional makeup can also withstand extreme rain and heat but with the aid of a primer or a sealer to ensure lasting effects.

Final Thoughts

Every type of makeup has their pros and cons. The question is airbrush makeup better than traditional ones depends greatly on your personal preference. Consider your skin concerns including your skin type and color, the occasion, the weather, as well as your budget. Proper consultation with your makeup artist is highly recommended to ensure the prettiest and flawlessly looking version of yourself.