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How long does airbrush makeup last? You might be asking this because your big day or an important event is coming up and you want to try out airbrush makeup. The thing is that before you plunge into the unknown, we suggest that you take a bit of time to read this so that you know what you are in for.

Why People Think Airbrush Is Long Lasting

In general, we love how our makeup looks right after we get done applying it. Everything is “snatched” and just seems so flawless. The sad thing is, for most of us, after only an hour of being outside, you will see your makeup “melting”. All the hard work in blending is gone, and you end up looking like a sappy mess.

Good thing, there are things to counter this occurrence, and one of which is allegedly the use of airbrush makeup. People have this connotation that when you use airbrush makeup, it will definitely stay plastered on your face until you decide to wash it off. Honestly, there is some truth to this, but this belief might just be brought about the fact that the makeup is misted on to your face.

When this process is done, every part of your face is evenly covered. Think of it like spray painting a car; using this process, you get to see how the paint goes on the car and how even it goes even though you keep on layering paint on it. The same goes with your face.

Every pore gets sprayed on, every pimple (and the sides of it) is covered, and every line gets makeup on it. The end result of this technique is that with the initial application, there is no smearing or creasing which will allow the makeup to set as one. In short, it is as if you have a veil of makeup on. If it sets as one component, it is more than likely that the makeup will last long.

But does it? Let us take a look at some factors that might affect the longevity of airbrush makeup.

How Long Does Airbrush Makeup Last: Factors Affecting Its Longevity

1. Skin Type

In general, there are three skin types namely normal, oily and combination, and dry. However, one can also consider sensitive skin and acne-prone skin. Let us discuss each skin type and how it can affect the finish of airbrush makeup.

  • Normal: One might say that airbrush makeup was made for people who have normal skin. It is that type of skin that is well moisturized and does not get dry or oily in areas. In short, people who have this skin type are fortunate; therefore, airbrush makeup will last long on this skin type.
  • Oily and Combination: There are two differentiations in this type. First, we have oily skin wherein all parts of your face gets oily and the second one is combination skin where you only get oily on your forehead, t-zone, and cheeks. On the parts that you are oily, airbrush makeup will tend to cling more, while on the dry parts of your face, it might flake off.
  • Dry: Airbrush makeup does not go well with dry skin. It can even emphasize the dryness and you will not have an even finish. Needless to say, airbrush makeup will not last long with this skin type, not because it will crease, but because it will flake off.
  • Sensitive: There is really no problem with sensitive skin, given that the airbrush makeup that is used will not cause an allergic reaction. Longevity is just the same with that of normal skin.
  • Acne-prone: Those who are suffering from a lot of acne do not really go for airbrush makeup because it does not entirely cover a pimple. It does to some extent but not like that of traditional makeup. With that said, the longevity of the makeup for those who have acne on their faces is not assured.

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2. Type of Liquid Makeup

Most liquid makeup that is used for airbrush is quite watery. This is good in such a way that the mist gets very fine and will look smooth on the face. Unfortunately, it is not really best when it comes to longevity since watery consistency most likely won’t set properly.

3. Weather

When it is humid, more often than not, airbrush makeup will start to smear faster than traditional makeup. The same goes when it is wet because airbrush makeup does not go well with wetness. On the other hand, it will stay in place during dry and windy weather conditions.

4. Tears and Sweat

The logic follows with the previous factor wherein anything that is wet will cause the airbrush makeup to smear. To prevent this from happening, just let the wetness evaporate and try not to touch the wet area of your face. As for tears, it is highly unlikely that you will see the trail down your face when you used airbrush makeup, but there will still be parts that will look smeared.

Tips for Airbrush Makeup to Stay Long on Your Face

  • Set everything with powder afterward
  • In between layers, spritz your face with setting powder.
  • Use a small amount, and at most, do two layers.
  • Use a high-quality primer.
  • For eye makeup, do not go the airbrush route, as it just wouldn’t work out.
  • For those with dry skin, use a heavy moisturizer before applying makeup.
  • Try to find airbrush makeup that has a certain cling to it instead of being too watery.


The answer to how long does airbrush makeup last is very subjective. This is the case because of the factors that we discussed above. That said, if we really need to give numbers, then on average, it will last for at least five to six hours when the weather is normal and the makeup is set properly.

All-in-all, if you think that the longevity of airbrush makeup would be a problem, but you like how it looks, you can just follow the tips that we gave, and it will stay on your face longer.