Airbrush GLOW and GO
Create a flawless complexion quickly and easily with this professional airbrush makeup kit featuring an award-winning, cordless, reusable, top-feed Airpod Pro.
Ultimate Airbrush Self-Tan Starter Kit
Say goodbye to scary self-tanning – the streaks, the missed spots, the orange shade, the mess and stains.

What is an airbrush kit? While the EU has banned over 1,000 of the carcinogenic ingredients found in cosmetic products, the US has only banned 9.

Many of the ingredients found in traditional makeup can be harmful. As you find out more about these ingredients, you may be considering alternative solutions. 75% lighter than traditional makeup, airbrushing may be that solution.

Airbrushing is no longer the best-kept celebrity secret. With an at-home airbrush kit, you can create the polished and flawless finish of the runway from the comfort of your powder room.

But what exactly do you need to get started? Keep reading to find out.

Why choose airbrush makeup?

Airbrushing offers a number of benefits over traditional makeup. We’ve broken each of these down below so you can decide.

Fewer tools

Ordinary makeup requires a lot of tools. First, you have the makeup itself. This includes concealer, foundation, and powders. Then, you have all the tools for applying the makeup, including brushes and sponges.

With an airbrush kit, you have a lot fewer tools to worry about. An airbrush gun, a compressor, and some airbrush makeup is all you need to get started. And you won’t be replacing the gun as often as you have to replace your brushes and sponges.

Better consistency

Ordinary makeup takes layering to create a flawless finish. But all those layers of makeup clogs your pores and can cause inflammation and even acne. If you manage to escape the pimples, you might not be able to avoid the cake-like finish that layering causes.

With an airbrush kit, your base is applied using an airbrush gun. Because the airbrush foundation is thin enough to spray through the tip of the gun, the result is a lightweight and dewy finish.

Longer lasting

We’ve already talked about the poor consistency that results from layers of ordinary makeup. But think about the time it takes to apply all of those layers.

To achieve a fabulous finish, you need to invest a lot of time and energy. To keep the look fresh throughout the day, you’ll also require touch-ups.

Airbrush makeup is 50% more durable than ordinary makeup and it’s applied in a matter of minutes. It can also last for up to 16 hours, so you won’t need to touch it up when you go from day to night.

Pigment matching

You can find ordinary makeup in a variety of tones and colors. But to perfectly match your skin tone and pigment, you’ll need to do a lot of blending and, of course, layering.

Airbrush makeup, on the other hand, is applied in a fine mist. It allows your natural skin tone to shine through the lightweight makeup. This results in a more natural looking complexion.

As a bonus, airbrush makeup doesn’t get caught in fine lines and wrinkles either.

Building an airbrush kit

Here we have a list of all the components you’ll need to build your airbrush kit. This includes your gun, compressor, makeup, and cleaner.

Airbrush gun

The first part of your airbrush kit is the gun that’s used to spray the airbrush makeup. You can choose from a single action or a dual action gun.

Single action guns work through the use of a trigger, dial, and movement. You press the trigger to release air and control the amount of makeup using the dial. You can also control how thick the makeup is applied by moving the gun closer to the face.

A dual action gun is a little trickier to use. Like a single action gun, pushing down on the trigger releases air. Instead of using a dial, you pull back on the trigger to control the amount of makeup that is released.

Airbrush compressor

The compressor is the mechanism for providing air to your gun. You can choose from a compressor with different pressure settings or one with a continuous setting.

Continuous air pressure is best for beginners because the air is easily controlled by a lever. This makes it simple to regulate how much air is released by the gun. They’re also less expensive than compressors with more than one pressure setting.

Airbrush makeup

Airbrush makeup is either alcohol, silicone, or water-based.


Alcohol-based airbrush makeup lasts longer than any other type. It can stay on your skin for up to 5 days. But this long wear also means that it sets on contact and is difficult to use in combination with other products.

Always true to tone between the gun on your skin, alcohol-based makeup is rarely used by the everyday wearer. Instead, it’s typically used for covering tattoos and special effects makeup for the screen.


Silicone molecules are larger than your skin. This means that silicone-based makeup sits on top of your skin instead of being absorbed into your pores. The result is a smooth and natural-looking complexion.

Silicone airbrush makeup is long-lasting. It doesn’t dissolve in the same way as water-based formulas.

When using a silicone makeup, keep in mind that it sets dark. To match your skin tone, you’ll need to choose a shade lighter than what you’d normally wear. You may also need to decrease the shiny finish with a bit of powder.


Water-based makeup is arguably the healthiest option for your skin. Those with oily skin may find this decreases the number of breakouts they experience. It’s a lightweight option that allows your pores to breathe.

Water-based makeup formulas have a matte finish. They’re easy to build on so you can get full coverage with a long wear. They blend flawlessly with your skin tone but, like silicone, they set darker than they appear.

A water-based formula isn’t waterproof. It’s a good idea to use a setting or finishing spray after application to ensure that sweat and tears don’t dissolve your makeup.

Airbrush cleaner

Although not necessary for the actual application of airbrush makeup, having a cleaner will make your kit last longer and work better.

After each use, clean your airbrush gun with a cleaning kit. Most manufacturers will provide instructions for how to do safely.

Ready for a flawless finish?

Compared to traditional makeup, airbrush makeup is lighter, truer to your natural complexion, and a lot easier to apply. To build an airbrush kit, all you need is a gun, a compressor, and the right airbrush makeup. It’ll take some practice, but learning to apply airbrush makeup will save you time and a lot of clogged pores.

If you’re ready to make the transition to airbrush makeup, check out our airbrush kit reviews.