PUR Liquid Veil Spray Foundation: The All-Season Foundation

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One of the most tricky cosmetics to use is the liquid foundation, but many women claim they are more convenient and give a more flawless finish compared to powder foundation. Liquid spray foundations are perfect for women who always have and want to look their best.

However, the tricky part is that modern women do not only stay in one place the whole day. They go in and out of the office or of the home, attending meetings, doing site visits, picking the children to and from school, exposing their skin to a lot of different kinds external environments in a span of a day.

In cool environments, some liquid foundations tend to dry, making the skin look dull. When applied too thickly, they can even crack and become loose. On the other hand, the same liquid foundations can make the skin feel sticky and oily during heat waves.

This is one of the limitations of liquid spray foundations that the PUR Liquid Veil Spray Foundation was able to address. Don’t believe us? Then, join us as we take a look at what this product has to offer!

The PUR Liquid Veil Spray Foundation

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Below, we have listed the best features of the PUR Liquid Veil Spray Foundation in hopes to help you decide if this product is perfect for you.


  • 4-in-1 Spray Foundation

People love buying products that are multi-functional. This liquid spray foundation is one of those products that can be used as a base foundation, as a finishing touch overtop to create a luminous veil effect, as a highlighter, and as a contour cream.

These possibilities still depend on the shade or color the product was purchased, though. What o do we mean? Well, for instance, if the shade is darker than the complexion of the user, it will definitely be a perfect contour cream.

For mothers, this foundation is perfect as a sheer foundation. They can use it alone, and this method is very helpful when they are rushing to get made up to bring their children to school or to their baseball or ballet practice.

On the other hand, it is also perfect for career-oriented women to use with loose powder as base and top. It can stay on the face beautifully for more than eight hours.

  • Infused with Liquid Crystals

The term “liquid crystal” may sound intriguing or complicated especially when talking about cosmetics. What are they doing in cosmetics? Aren’t they supposed to be in LCD projectors or TV sets?

Well, liquid crystal gels are wonderful makeup ingredients that lock up the skin’s moisture, preventing uneven skin pigmentation as well as premature wrinkles and age spots. It makes the skin youthful-looking and fresh.

Moreover, this gel imitates the lipids of the cells and promotes skin regeneration, hastening the turnover of the epidermis. It prevents water loss and keeps the face looking healthy and well-hydrated. In addition, it improves not only the appearance of the skin by providing a soft, dewy finish but also improves overall skin health.

  • Butane-Free Formula

The main purpose of butane in cosmetics is to allow them to be sprayed evenly and more effectively. Butanes are substances that serve as propellants, and they usually come from petroleum and gas. Manufacturers use them to replace chlorofluorocarbons or CFC because these substances are known to be harmful to the environment.

However, butanes are definitely not the lesser evil. They are harmful to humans and can have detrimental effects when inhaled too often and too much. This is the reason why this liquid spray foundation from PUR does not have butane.

Some users may complain that it does not spray the right way, but there are a lot of workarounds to overcome this limitation without using butane as propellants.

  • Ceretin Complex

Ceretin Complex is a proprietary ingredient of PUR. It is proven to provide a flawless finish, making every woman’s complexion worthy of close-up shots. This ingredient is also age-defying, making every user look at least 10 years younger.

The Ceretin Complex prevents clogging of pores no matter how the liquid foundation is applied. This, in turn, prevents breakouts and other blemishes from appearing. The Ceretin Complex also makes this liquid foundation easy to apply either by using a sponge or brush.

To achieve a satin-smooth finish, just spray the foundation onto the sponge and apply evenly on the skin just like any regular liquid foundation. When using a brush, simply spray it onto the tip of the brush and apply onto the face in a circular motion until full coverage is achieved.

  • Versatility

The weather condition definitely affects the performance of cosmetics, especially liquid foundations. Good thing, the PUR Liquid Veil Spray Foundation is different. It can be worn in cool or humid environments without worrying about cracking or caking and making the skin look oily.

The PUR Liquid Veil Spray Foundation adjusts to changing environments, making the skin look flawless day in and day out. Its ingredients and long-lasting, water-resistant mixture perfectly blend with the natural oils of the skin.

  • Mineral-Based

Mineral-based cosmetics are great because their ingredients are naturally occurring. Real mineral foundations have fewer ingredients in them because they are free from commercially-produced dyes, fragrances, and fillers. Without these “extra” ingredients, the skin experiences less clogging of pores and less irritation.


  • Ultra-light and flawless finish
  • Very handy; fits on the palm perfectly
  • Easy to use and apply onto skin
  • Cruelty-free
  • Perfect for oily skin
  • More affordable than other brands with the same quality
  • Colors are great and blends with any complexion easily


  • Makes skin more sensitive to sunlight
  • Sprayer spits the liquid foundation in globs sometimes
  • Not ideal to be sprayed directly onto the face

Summary of the Features

The PUR Liquid Veil Spray Foundation has all the qualities a well-informed woman would look for in a good-quality foundation. It is mineral-based, preventing the clogging of pores and irritation. It has Ceretin Complex and Liquid Crystal gels to keep the skin looking fresh and youthful-looking.

These ingredients also mimic the skin of the user. It responds well to all kinds of external environment and weather conditions too. In addition, it is butane-free, promoting the overall health of its users.

Without the butane, this liquid foundation is not ideal for spraying directly onto the face. Nevertheless, it still blends perfectly with the help of a sponge or brush.

PUR Liquid Veil Spray Foundation vs. MagicMinerals Airbrush Foundation

Looking at what it offers, this 4-in-1 liquid foundation from PUR is comparable to the

MagicMinerals AirBrush Foundation Set by Jerome Alexander. They are both mineral-based, and multi-purpose. Both also claim to provide a silky-soft finish and versatility, allowing women with any skin type to benefit from using liquid spray foundations.

However, one thing that remains unmatched about the PUR’s liquid foundation is its propriety Ceretin Complex, which promotes overall skin health without making the user feel heavy and sticky.

The Verdict

There are so many liquid spray foundations available on the market today, and avid makeup users claim that this type of foundation is the best in terms of convenience because of its ability to be sprayed directly onto the face. The PUR Liquid Veil Spray Foundation may not be the best in terms of spray application, but it definitely is the wisest choice for women who are looking for a safer, healthier, and cruelty-free foundation.

It has everything a woman needs to look more beautiful, confident, youthful-looking, and fresh. It also minimizes the need to retouch because of its versatility, and its long-lasting, water-resistant mineral-based formula.

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