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What is airbrush makeup? What do a $445 billion dollar industry and your daily routine have in common? If you answered “makeup,” you’re correct. These are our best airbrush makeup tips. Ever find yourself standing in the cosmetics aisle? Sometimes, it can make your head spin. It might seem like a daunting task trying to find your perfect match with so many products out there. Speaking of a perfect match… Foundation is a key component in makeup application. It evens out your skin tone and conceals imperfections in your complexion. Using an airbrush makeup kit is one way to apply foundation to create flawless, natural look. But maybe for you, airbrush makeup is uncharted territory. Don’t have major FOMO by sleeping on this technique. Read on to shake up your makeup routine, and you’ll become a total pro at applying airbrush makeup!

1. Know your airbrush makeup machine

10 tips to apply airbrush makeup flawlessly Airbrush machines come in a variety of ways, including
  • Automatic, which means you don’t pull a trigger to control the airflow
  • Double action, where the more you pull the trigger, more foundation flows out
  • Single action, where a trigger does control the airflow
Before you start rocking out on your kit, be sure to read the manual to familiarize yourself with its ins and outs.

2. Find your foundation

Now that you know your machine, you need to find the correct foundation to use with it. Ever thought you found the perfect shade of foundation only to discover it betrayed you later? To avoid any mishaps, try out different shades in different types of lighting. Your “peach” shouldn’t be “tangerine” in disguise.

3. Practice makes perfect

If this is your first time airbrushing, you might be a little intimidated. Certain parts affect each other, like the compressor in relation to the trigger mechanism. To get a feel for it, test it out without the foundation. There are 2 major benefits to practicing without foundation first. One is that you’ll get a feel for the air pressure without wasting any foundation. The other benefit is that you can gauge how far away from your face you need to be when you finally do apply foundation. Knowing how to use your airbrush makeup system is valuable. Practice using a circular motion. This is crucial (more on that later.) You don’t want to be too close, or else you’ll apply too much makeup in one area. This can result in a globby, caked-on look. You don’t want to be too far or else you won’t get any coverage at all. The sweet spot is about 6 inches away from your face.

4. Get a clean start

Clean skin is not only healthy, it’s also helpful. A clean face will allow the airbrush makeup to do its job by adhering properly and evenly. Using moisturizer is another way to create the best blank canvas for makeup. Moisturizing reduces dry or oily skin, which will affect the foundation in a negative way.

5. Look before you leap

A lot of compressors allow you to change the airflow pressure. When you practice, pull lightly on the trigger and adjust the setting to get an idea on how much makeup will get pushed through. You can even use water on a piece of paper for a visual idea. Ideally, you will want enough pressure to apply a coat that’s even and thin. Once you’ve got the hang of working the adjustments, you’ll know exactly what to tweak and when to tweak it depending on the desired effect you’re going for.

6. Remove air bubbles in foundation

If you’ve ever sipped through a straw, you know about the dreaded air bubbles. Your glass is totally full, but nothing passes through the straw because it’s clogged with air. The same thing can happen to your foundation. If your foundation has bubbles, this will cause the machine to dispense unevenly. Instead of a continuous stream, you could end up with spurts, which means the coverage will be blotchy. To prevent this, simply shake your foundation to pop any lurking bubbles.

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7. Don’t be odd, keep it even

The best part about airbrushing is that if you are wearing makeup without actually looking like it. That’s because airbrush makeup allows for even distribution, which creates a more natural look. To accomplish this, however, you have to apply evenly using a circular motion. But what happens if your skin tone isn’t even in the first place? This is where a little overcompensation goes a long way. For darker areas you want to conceal more, such as dark circles underneath your eyes, you can concentrate the makeup by shortening the distance between the pressure gun and the desired area. Take care to not get too close or concentrate too much on one area. The makeup will look caked on and when it dries, can crack and flake off later.

8. Less is more

Thin coats are ideal because you can control how much makeup goes on at a time. Remember, you can always add more later, which is way easier than taking it off if you went too heavy-handed.

9. Have some rest

Let your skin dry between each layer of foundation you use. This will ensure your foundation will be applied evenly. You’ll be able to tell exactly what areas need a little touch-up, and you’ll avoid pesky patches and blotches.

10. Check your neck

Your face is flawless, but you’re not done yet! Blending your neck will give you a natural finish to your look.

Put your best face forward

Now that you’re an airbrush makeup pro, what are you waiting for? Get your top tier tools of the trade!