Using an airbrush to apply your makeup is easy if you know how. This is one aspect and the most essential thing that most women are not aware of. It’s not enough to have money to purchase an airbrush makeup kit because you still have a lot to learn when it comes to this type of technology. These are common airbrush mistakes.

That’s why we took time to find out where women fail when it comes to this beauty innovation. Below are the top six mistakes most female makeup enthusiasts commit and ways to avoid them.

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  1. Wrong primer used: Airbrush foundations come in different types of bases. The variety is enough to make you err when it comes to 6 common airbrush makeup mistakes the quality of blending and coverage. The silicone-based kind is not water-soluble so it allows the foundation to slide off the surface. It doesn’t stick to it so you’d tend to use more foundation which can cost you repeat orders to have enough supply that may not last long anyway. Therefore, it pays to know which type suits your skin.
  2. Applying too much: Makeup is there to enhance and not to make the user look awful. Airbrushing techniques were designed not to overdo application so the best result should be a natural, young looking skin and not the “cakey” look that many faces wear as they fail in the process of application. To avoid this, start with a thin layer and apply in areas that require more coverage like skin flaws.
  3. Holding it too close: Some newbies at airbrush makeup application are not aware that holding the equipment too close to the face makes way for devastating effects. This means, you have to do away with holding it like less than an inch away from your skin. Four to six inches can do wonders to your enhancement goal and this is how professionals do it. However, if you are trying to cover up a blemish, then, you need to zoom towards that particular area.
  4. Uncontrolled handling: The small trigger found at the top portion of the airbrush stylus or gun. Makes you control the flow of the foundation and makeup. Some users pull the lever completely backwards to hasten the process. This results to blasting the liquid towards the skin surface which in turn produces uneven coverage. While this is effective for dual action airbrushes, this generates opposite results for single-action airbrush equipment.
  5. Lack of knowledge about airbrush equipment: Users must know where the pressure comes from and how to control it to allow for easy and smooth makeup application. Start the compressor from the lowest mode, working towards higher levels. Know how to use the lever so you will not fumble. Make sure you know ideal the distance between the skin surface and the tip of the nozzle. On top of it all, remember that moving the airbrush in back and forth motion ends up with a zigzag effect and not smooth even application.
  6. Wrong color used: Color choices need you to think twice and this is one of the most significant women commit. You should be using something that matches your skin which does not only include the face but the body as well. This way you’ll end up with a perfectly leveled body color. If you want to get an instant tan, then you should be fine with using a bronzer and don’t forget to splash some color on areas that are visible to the public.

Make sure to remind yourself of these helpful tips so as to get the value of the hard earned money you spent for your airbrush makeup kit.