Lights – Camera – FASHION! These are the most useful tips for airbrush makeup.

When you hear the word ‘fashion,’ makeup is most definitely one of the things that may pop in your minds. You are always looking forward to some new glamorous trend, which may make your everyday makeup routine a little easier.

Airbrush makeup has proved its worth in that respect. It has been a blessing for those who get and understand the real art of doing an airbrush makeup, and how to use it correctly. But then some still have trouble getting the hang of it.

Not to worry, because here are some basic dos and don’ts which you have to consider if you want to know all about the art of doing airbrush makeup in order to get a flawless and beautiful look in almost no time at all.

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The first rule and key to getting the perfectly hydrated look at the end are to moisturize your skin prior to any application of makeup products on your face. The same rule applies when you are using the airbrush makeup technique. It is essential to moisturize your face first if you do not want your makeup to get a patchy feel after.

P.S. Let your skin dry after you moisturize before you apply any other makeup product on your face.

2. Go Easy on the Airbrush Trigger

You don’t need or want to pull the trigger all the way at once on your airbrush; go easy on it. Start by pulling only halfway back, and then you can build up your coverage in light, even sheer layers.

3. Avoid Back and Forth Motion while Applying Foundation

Never apply the coverage layer in back and forth motion on your skin. It will, for sure, result in uneven spots and blotches. Try your best to keep your hand moving in an even circular motion.

4. Find the Sweet Spot for Your Airbrush

The sweet spot is about 5 inches distance away from your face. Finding the perfect sweet spot for your airbrush is a high achievement. Because once you get it right, you are always going to get the most even, flawless application that you are looking for.

5. Let the Air be Your Guide

Once you find the sweet spot, let the air be the guide for the movement of your hand. Don’t try too hard. Because that will eventually result in you making an uneven mess of your face.

6. Don’t Stop Halfway When Applying a Layer

While applying a coverage layer on your face, avoid stopping at a midpoint at all costs. That will result in an uneven, blotchy look that you absolutely do not want any part of. Your makeup should give a natural-skin perfect look, and should not look like you have applied an unnecessary amount of foundation on your face.

Airbrush makeup tricks for pros

7. Relax Your Wrist, As well as Your Face

We already get that stiff movement from our hand can cause a lot of damage for us as it will give us a foundation-pasty kind of a look. But another thing to take into consideration is to keep your facial features and muscles relaxed as well.

Relax your jaw. Relax the eyes. Relax your mouth. Pretend you’re in savanna at the end of yoga class or else you will find some unwanted layer or lines on your face.

8. Find the Right Combo of Foundation for Your Face

When it comes to makeup, there is no black and white. You are not just allowed to use option A or option B; you can always mix and match according to your tone. So if you think the foundation or any other product is not set to your face complexion, you always have the choice to mix them up and find the one that naturally suits your complexion the best.

9. Don’t Stick to a Certain Brand until Satisfied

While getting yourself pretty, there is always room to do better than before. If you think the brand you are using for your airbrush is not setting the right tone for your face, it may be because you have not judged your skin type correctly when buying the product.

Make sure to use silicone-based airbrush makeup, if you have a dry skin type, and a water-based airbrush makeup if you have an oily skin type.

10. Never Apply a Heavy Layer on the First Go

So if you are going for a heavy makeup look, for example: if you are getting ready for a bridal party, you do not want to get heavy on the first stroke of airbrush on your face. Apply a couple of light layers first, and then place the airbrush a little closer to your face and get the last heavy film.

11. Don’t Let the Foundation Get into Your Eyes

You really don’t want to get any product into your eyes. So when applying airbrush makeup around the area of your eyes, make sure to adjust the direction of that nozzle a little in downwards motion, and also tilt your head down a little accordingly.

12. Contour Your Face Proficiently

While contouring your face through an airbrush, you need to make sure of some things. First, you must turn the airbrush set to the lightest pressure, because you do not want to overdo the contouring part. Second, keep the airbrush about 2 inches away from your face while you are applying a layer on your skin.

These are the top 12 tips you need to go through to get the pretty, naturally flawless, and thoroughly blended look, which the airbrush makeup technique is all about. Have fun!