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Thank goodness for the angel who delivered airbrush makeup to the people of Earth 😉 It is the perfect dress up option for your face, not only for A-list celebs but also for the us everyday people too. Airbrush makeup lives true to its name, providing a photo-shopped finish to the face! This article lays out several creative looks with airbrush makeup.

If you’re looking for a flawless foundation, airbrush makeup should be your go to choice. When applied correctly, it can do wonders for you. And it is extremely versatile too! There is a wide array of looks you can try with this makeup technique. Whether you want to remain subtle or go glam, airbrush makeup has got your back.

If you’re trying your hand at airbrush makeup, we have a list of 5 fabulous airbrush makeup  looks you can try to feel and look amazing!

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1. Bridal Look

There is good news for all the brides to be! If you have always been apprehensive about your skin, airbrush makeup is here to save you. You should be aware that makeup, be it any kind, can only over up spots and marks and not texture.  Therefore, if you have any blemishes or hydration issues, it’s best to start prepping your skin 2 months in advance to get the perfect canvas for this amazing technique.

Sweating is the major problem for most summer brides. If you want that glorious beach wedding but scared of the perspiring foundation, airbrush makeup is your best bet. Choose water based airbrush makeup that dries immediately and is much more long-lasting than traditional makeup. For most brides, getting a smooth glowing foundation is the number one goal.

A smooth coat of airbrush makeup is all you need to get that look. Keep the spray gun 6-8 inches away from your face and lightly blast a mist over your face. You can even add a little highlighter with the foundation so that you get that beautiful sheen.  Airbrush makeup has gained popularity as the best option for brides and rightly so! Try it out for yourself to see. You won’t be disappointed on your big day.

2. High Definition Look

If you work behind the camera, you would know that the high definition lens tends to exaggerate everything on your face. Even if you hadn’t noticed those pores or spots on your face, the HD camera would definitely bring it to your notice. This is the reason why celebrity makeup artists use airbrush makeup for actors and models. This gives them a smooth foundation on which to put the rest of the makeup.

If you would like to appear immaculate on camera (or anywhere else), this is the technique to try. In order to get a flawless finish, you need to know which skin type you have. If you have dry skin, make sure you moisturize thoroughly and use silicon based airbrush makeup. If you have oily skin, try a water based option. This way, you can ensure you get a near perfect foundation each time!

Match the foundation to your skin tone to avoid looking too tan or too grey on camera. With a light coat on your face, airbrush makeup will ensure you achieve that ‘no makeup’ look. Do not use a lot of products as it can result in your face looking caked. Fortunately, airbrush makeup doesn’t even require you to use more than a few drops!

3. Special Effects Makeup

If you’re prepping for Halloween or a costume party, you can use airbrush makeup to do that as well! In the film industry, celebrity makeup artists commonly use airbrush makeup for SFX. Since airbrush makeup is kind of like painting, you have a whole plethora of looks you can try out. The best thing about airbrush makeup is that you can use it for stuff beyond just foundation!

You can use eye shadow, highlighter, bronzer and practically everything on that spray gun. While you may be able to do that with traditional makeup, airbrush makeup provides you with a greater degree of control. You can get super creative and design stunning effects much easier with the spray gun .

Airbrush makeup uses just a few drops of products so you can save items as you try them out. If you are interested in a particular look, make sure you have the right makeup products and an airbrush kit you’re comfortable with.

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4. Tanned Look

We’re all guilty of dabbing on excess bronzer to get that gorgeous sun kissed  tone. That is the problem with traditional makeup. Since there is no limit to the product you can used, you tend to go overboard. Moreover, it is practically impossible, unless you’re a real pro, to get an even tanned finish. It is bound to look made up, just the opposite of what you wanted!

A tanned look would only pan out nice if it is applied correctly. Now you don’t need to spend hours at the beach getting the perfect tan, which often results in nothing but sunburn! You can get that perfect tanned look with the help of airbrush makeup.

Use a bronzer or a darker foundation and lightly spray it on your face using your airbrush makeup gun. Ensure that you do not stop at any point as that would result in a blotched look. This even circular movement will end up with an even coat of ‘tan’. Now you can apply the rest of your makeup and you’re good to go!

5. Everyday Makeup

If you want that dewy makeup that you can sport every day, airbrush makeup is the best way. Once you have tried your hand with the equipment, the application will become easier day by day. All you need to do is moisturize your skin in preparation and leave the rest up to this amazing technique.

Using just a few drops of your usual foundation, spray a light coat on your face. If you have any marks or spots, cover them up by inching the gun closer instead of using more product. This will ensure you don’t end up looking cakey.

To top it off, add a little blush to your spray gun and get a naturally ‘rosy’ look. Apply some nude lipstick, and you’re ready to rock.

Try out these 5 easy looks that you can get with airbrush makeup and let us know how they worked out for you in the comments below!