Airbrush Makeup for Wrinkles?

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Airbrush makeup is a relatively new makeup technique compared to traditional makeup. Due to this, there has been a lot of conjecture surrounding it. While it has been established that this technique truly lives up to its name, people are wondering whether it’s suitable for all textures. This article touches on the topic of airbrush makeup for wrinkles.

Does airbrush makeup hide wrinkles?

Airbrush makeup provides a thin coat of foundation that gives the impression as if you have photo-shopped your face. Once you get the hang of it, the equipment is fairly simple as well. With a light hand, spray the foundation on your face in a circular motion without pausing, which can cause blotching.

Mature Skin

However, is airbrush makeup suited for all ages? Young skin, even if troublesome does not have that any textures as mature skin does. Fine lines and wrinkles commonly start to appear after 40, and they can act a major impediment to a smooth foundation.

Unfortunately, pollution in today’s day and age has led to the premature appearance of redness, inflammation aging spots, and wrinkles. This leaves women perturbed as to whether airbrush makeup is suitable for them since traditional makeup fails to make much of a difference.

There is a common perception that texture and airbrush makeup do not go hand in hand. In light of this, does airbrush makeup appear to do more harm than good for people who have wrinkles? Instead of forming your own opinion, we will put all your queries to rest. Read on to find out whether airbrush makeup is suitable for mature skin.

Airbrush Makeup vs. Traditional Makeup

The problem lies when people believe airbrush makeup is a magic potion that will make all their skin imperfections disappear. No amount and quality of makeup can ever hid texture completely. However, it is proven that airbrush makeup does a far better job of concealing wrinkles in comparison to traditional makeup.

Let’s see how.

Natural vs. Cake Face

If you want to appear natural, airbrush makeup is your best bet. The whole idea behind this technique is using little product. Just a few drops of foundation will do the trick. The best airbrush makeup tip you can get is to use distance, and not the quantity of makeup to get more coverage.

There is always a chance of appearing cake faced with traditional makeup. Since you’re using a brush or beauty blender for application, you are more prone to using a lot more product than is needed. This excess product will settle down between any gorges and dips it finds, like wrinkles and fine lines. This would make the end result much cakeier than you had hoped for.

Indirect Application vs. Direct Application

This is a no-brainer. With airbrush makeup, you aren’t coming directly in contact with your face. You will use the spray gun with foundation to spray a light mist of product on your face. Since there is no direct contact, the vapors will blend well in the skin.

On the contrary, traditional makeup comes directly in contact with your skin via a brush, blender, or your hand. The friction will result in micro-exfoliation that will enhance the appearance of wrinkles on your face.

Benefits of airbrush makeup

Inexpensive vs. Expensive

While it is believed airbrush makeup is costlier, look at the use you’re getting out of it. With traditional makeup, you will different foundations to deal with the skin. If you have wrinkles, you’ll need a more sheer foundation so that it does not cake your face.

Airbrush makeup does not exactly need that. The equipment and its style of use are enough to get you stellar results. Of course, airbrush makeup isn’t perfect, but it is as close you can get to it. Since there is so much you can use with that one equipment package, airbrush makeup turns out to be a more viable option for you.

Long-Lasting vs. Smudging

Airbrush makeup is a lot more long-lasting when used properly. There are two types of airbrush makeup, water-based and silicon-based. If you have oily skin, exposure to heat can cause the makeup to melt. This is why water-based airbrush makeup is a more suitable option as it is long-lasting and dries immediately. It won’t melt and streak, highlighting your wrinkles.

Traditional makeup, unless you invest in expensive water-resistant foundations, is more likely to melt faster. This will leave smudges on your face and the leaking foundation will seep into the wrinkles and fine lines, exacerbating their appearance.

Clean vs. Exposure

Skin problems most commonly arise from the use of dirty makeup sponges, brushes, and blenders. Unless you’re very particular, traditional makeup exposes you to contamination. Since every makeup item touches your skin, there is a chance of germs being transferred. This could aggravate skin problems.

Since the product does not come in contact with your skin, airbrush makeup is a cleaner choice. You don’t have to deal with any of that and also evade the hassle of washing your makeup brushes and waiting for them to dry before you can use them again.

Airbrush Makeup Tips for Wrinkles

If airbrush makeup makes your wrinkles more prominent, the problem most likely is with your application, not the technique. Here are a few tips that will help you achieve desired results.


  • Use a few drops of foundation
  • Apply the foundation in one circular motion
  • Keep the spray gun 8-10 inches away from your face


  • Don’t think that using more product means more coverage
  • Do not inch the spray gun closer on the wrinkles and fine lines. This would only enhance their appearance
  • Do not stop as it this would cause botching and an uneven coat of foundation

Airbrush makeup for Wrinkles

Since airbrush makeup is ideal for a natural look, it makes sense that it is the more suitable option for wrinkled skin. The key to remember is that more product cannot conceal texture. It will only highlight its appearance further. Hence, use less just a few drops of foundation and spray an even layer on your face. Let the product dry before you resume work so that it does not nestle into the contours of your face as you talk or eat. With these tips, you can get a near-perfect finish with airbrush makeup!

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