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Actors, models, and designers swear by airbrush makeup because it provides that flawless finish that everyone is looking for. The reason for its staggering popularity is that most of the fashion and media industry work under heavy lights and HD cameras. This is why we decided to write about careers for airbrush makeup artists.
HD cameras highlight every little detail on the face, making the makeup appear heavier than it actually is.  This is why airbrush makeup provides the ideal amount of coverage without the base looking too caked on.
There is immense scope of airbrush makeup in the fashion industry. We’re not saying there’s no wrong way of applying airbrush makeup, but if you have mastered the art of it, you can excel in a number of related careers.

Careers related to Fashion that You Can Pursue with Airbrush Makeup

1. Fashion Makeup Artist

Models need flawless makeup to look as they do on editorials and fashion magazines. Whether it’s on the runway or on a magazine, models need to perform under unforgiving lights. This is why airbrush makeup is of importance here. More than anyone else, models need that photo-shopped look when they are shooting, especially during live runway walks.
Since models are constantly working different attires, their makeup differs for each costume. Most often, this makeup is deliberately kept ostentatious to complement the work of the designer. To get that desired result, a great degree of precision is required. Airbrush makeup gives you just that, due to which it has become the obvious choice in the fashion industry.
Models work under fluorescent lights and heavy camera lighting all the time. This glaring heat and light makes them sweat, leading to smudges and streaks down the face with traditional makeup. In light of this problem, airbrush makeup lasts much longer and is able to fight out the heat too.
Digital retouching requires loads of work, and frankly, the end result isn’t even that natural. To produce the best results before the picture is uploaded on photo-shop, airbrush makeup is a lifesaver for the models of the fashion industry.
As an airbrush makeup artist, you can make good money once you perform on a few editorials. Master this technique, and mix that with some grit and perseverance and success will soon follow!

2. Theatre Makeup Artist

Theatre shows last around 2 to 4 hours on average. The adrenaline rush, the strong lights, and the heavy costumes all contribute to the sweat and heat that the actors experience on stage. Theater actors also require exaggerated makeup to get in true character. This is why airbrush makeup is generally preferred over traditional makeup that gives in to heat and starts to melt. While they are performing, that’s literally the last thing that actors want.
This is why airbrush makeup has become of imperative importance. Since the costumes theater actors wear are also often sponsored by major designers, expect the presence of HD cameras that would focus on every little detail of the face.
Moreover, airbrush makeup also has much more scope of creativity in comparison to traditional makeup. As an airbrush makeup artist, you can use a combination of different techniques and tricks to do everything from natural makeup to special effects makeup.
Makeup artists in theater

3. Film and Actor Makeup Artist

The film industry has tons of opportunity for makeup artists who have mastered the art of airbrush makeup. Since high-definition photography is an inseparable part of the film industry, there can be no better technique than airbrush makeup. It helps provide coverage without making the face appear too caked.
The major benefit for a flawless face of makeup is the significantly reduced costs in post-production. Traditional makeup tends to nestle into the pores, making them appear larger than they are. When you appear on television, the last you want is the camera to highlight your giant pores! This is why airbrush makeup is the first choice for the film industry. Airbrush makeup does not settle into the pores. Instead, it melts down on the skin in the form of countless droplets that give a flawless finish.
If you have mastered the art of this technique, you can take up this professionally. From television series to films, there is a wealth of opportunities for airbrush makeup artists in the film industry.

4. Celebrity Makeup Artist

With countless shows, events, and award functions, celebrities need to be on the go all the time. Their social calendars are filled with appointments, which necessitates the use of makeup that will last longer if a celebrity needs to go from one event directly to the other. Since airbrush makeup lasts a lot longer than traditional makeup, it is now the number one choice of celebrities.
Celebrities are constantly under scrutiny. In order to maintain their image, they need to look their best at all times. Whether it’s a morning function or night event, airbrush makeup helps provide a flawless finish to the wearer.
Just like us, celebrities have bouts of skin problems too that are only exacerbated with the use of excessive makeup. This is not an option, so they try to mitigate the harmful effects. Instead of coming in contact with makeup brushes and blenders, they prefer the safer alternative, i.e. airbrush makeup where the spray gun does not come in contact with their face.
You can earn a lot in the role of a celebrity makeup artist. What’s more? You get to see celebrities how they look in their natural state! If you’re ready to start using this for yourself or your friends, check out our best airbrush makeup kits for 2020.
Airbrush makeup has cemented its position in the fashion and film industry. Its natural, dewy, and flawless finish has endless scope for airbrush makeup artists. If you are interested in this technique, jump on the bandwagon for the latest makeup trend is here to stay!