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There is the long and never-ending debate of airbrush vs traditional makeup. Why cannot makeup artists or makeup enthusiasts just get along? It is still makeup, right? Clearly, it is not just about something that we put on our faces, but we pushed the boundaries of makeup even to determine which technique or process is better.

A lot of people think that airbrush makeup is better because there is an external mechanism in play. It is not just about brushes and powders; instead, it is about spraying the color on to your face.

At the same time, you can think about the fact that traditional makeup has been here for a long time. One can say that it has been that way because it is the best way to apply makeup. So, let’s break down all the details to determine which is really better.

What Is Airbrush Makeup?

As for airbrush makeup, just like what we mentioned, it makes use of an airbrush machine to apply makeup on your face. Needless to say, the source of the makeup should all be liquid in order to go through the airbrush machine, so for facial skin, as well as for the brows, eyes, and lips, one needs to purchase liquid-type products. Simply put: the whole process is just like painting cars, only smaller.

Can you use your existing liquid makeup? No. It might work, but it is best to buy liquid makeup made specifically for the airbrush machine.

What Is Traditional Makeup?

Traditional makeup is the makeup that we are all familiar with. We have liquid makeup, cremes, powders, and whipped; some even come in air form by way of canisters. Unlike the airbrush makeup, you will not use a machine. Instead, you use sponges, applicators, brushes, etc.

Airbrush vs Traditional Makeup

Actually, the difference is the manner of how the makeup gets on the skin. For traditional makeup, you put two and two together, and you have makeup on your face. On the other hand, for airbrush makeup, you have to plug in the airbrush machine, purchase the right size of airbrush depending on the makeup that you are going to apply, and learn how to properly control the amount of makeup that comes out of the nozzle.

As for other factors such as longevity, coverage, and performance based on skin type, here’s our breakdown for airbrush vs traditional makeup:

1. Longevity

  • Airbrush

Using airbrush makeup is pretty popular at weddings because of how long it lasts. It is not about the makeup that is used per se, but it is due to the fine mist that is used to put the makeup. Doing so covers every pore, nook, and cranny of your face, so the makeup will set properly.

At the same time, airbrush makeup is known not to smear against dry rubbing. It can also withstand sweat and tears if set properly.

  • Traditional Makeup

In a way, traditional makeup can last a bit longer than an airbrush, but it comes with a price. What is that? It is being cakey. Of course, for you to be able to set your makeup properly, you have to use a lot of powder and what we mean by a lot is like a cup of setting powder.

Surely, no amount of setting spray will make up for the fact that your face may look heavy and cakey. But definitely, if you do so, your makeup will last longer.

2. Coverage

  • Airbrush

It comes as a surprise that airbrush has light coverage. Then why is it used at weddings when you need full coverage. The reason behind this is that the light coverage of airbrush makeup looks so flawless on well moisturized and fresh skin. What do all brides have? Good skin!

Of course, brides more often than not stuck with a strict facial routine to prepare for their big day. Once the wedding comes, they have the perfect skin that pairs well with the light coverage of airbrush makeup. Additionally, with airbrush makeup, you can still achieve full coverage (five layers) and will still look natural.

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  • Traditional Makeup

In this factor, traditional makeup wins. Maybe blame it on the innovations for traditional makeup?

There are foundations right now that can cover every dark spot, acne marks, etc. with just one layer. In this way, you can still look natural without your imperfections peeking through.

3. Performance Based on Skin Type

  • Airbrush
  1. Normal Skin: Airbrush makeup goes well with a few (and blessed) people who have normal skin. It will look so natural and might look that it has a fuller coverage than what it really has.
  2. Oily and Combination Skin: It will still look great just like that of normal skin, but there might be problems with it setting completely.
  3. Dry Skin: Not ideal to be used on dry skin as it will look flaky. Also, the dryness will look more prominent when airbrush makeup is used.
  • Traditional Makeup
  1. Normal Skin: Looks great and will not need a lot of layers to have full coverage. Also, it might not require any type of setting powder.
  2. Oily and Combination Skin: You should use a specific makeup for this skin type to avoid creases and smears. Setting with powder is key, but it might look cakey when overdone.
  3. Dry Skin: Again, you should use makeup specifically for dry skin, especially those with moisturizing properties. You can also opt not to set your makeup to hide the dryness.

Which Is Better?

Here comes the twist: the answer to this question is that it actually depends on you. People argue that airbrush makeup is better because you can have a lot of customization with it and it is more hygienic than using traditional makeup. However, with a lot of new traditional makeup products coming out now, you can also customize and be hygienic if you always wash your tools.

The easiest way to go about it is to prioritize your preferences. With the guide that we gave you, it will be easier for you to choose.