Cakey foundation has been the woe of makeup artists for years! Foundation is the canvas on which you do makeup and if that is not right, forget looking like you stepped right out of a fashion magazine. Enhanced pores, dry skin, over layering, and fine lines characterize cakey foundation, making it appear as if you have tons of makeup on when you actually do not! In this article, we discuss airbrush makeup for cakey foundation.

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Does airbrush makeup look cakey?

This nuisance has been a constant battle for beauty buffs. Before we get down to the serious business of finding solutions for this epidemic, let us first explore the possible reasons why your makeup gets cakey.

Dry Skin

A good skincare routine is the basis of flawless makeup. Dehydrated skin is one of the leading causes of cakey foundation. Foundation nestles into the dry patches of our skin, creating a bumpy surface. This makes our face look like it’s ‘caked’ with makeup.

We cannot stress the importance of moisturizing enough to achieve radiant and supple skin. Once you get rid of dry patches and flaky skin through hydration and exfoliation, you will see a marked difference in your makeup application. Prepping your skin with a moisturizer and letting it dry before you begin your makeup are also essentials to avoiding a ‘cake face’.

Incorrect Application

When applying makeup with a brush, beauty blender, or your hand, we tend to press down the foundation into our skin. In an attempt to blend the product completely, we tend to create friction on our face. This ‘exfoliation’ of sorts results in flakes on our skin, making the foundation look cakey.

The act of applying concealer with a brush or blender again requires the tools to come in contact with our face.  With slightly more pressure, the blender or brush tends to displace the applied product from our face, eliminating the coverage we were aiming for. In order to envelop the marks that are still visible, we apply more product, over layering our face as a result.

If this has been your ordeal for ages, we have two words for all your problems: Airbrush Makeup.

Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup needs no introduction to beauty fanatics. It is the one-stop solution to cakey foundation. Fresh and nuanced, airbrush makeup is a significant jump from traditional ways of doing makeup.

The differences between the two methods are remarkable. While traditional makeup requires use of brushes and blenders to apply foundation that are precursor to cakey foundation, airbrush makeup uses a spray gun that lightly covers your face in a mist of foundation. Leaving you with a ‘photoshopped’ look, it is no surprise why airbrush makeup has successfully upended its traditional counterpart.

THE Solution to Cakey Makeup

Why is airbrush makeup so suitable for cakey foundation? The answer lies in its method. As we explained above, the friction causes micro exfoliation on our skin, resulting in cake face. Airbrush makeup skillfully handles this in 5 ways.

airbrush makeup for cakey foundation

No Contact

Airbrush makeup requires a spray gun to transfer the product on your face. Maintaining a distance of 6-8 inches, this method ensures no tool comes in contact with your face, completely eliminating chances of friction.

This gun sprays your face with a light layer of foundation, flawless enough to look retouched! The foundation settles on your (moisturized before makeup!) skin, and forms a smooth layer, clouding all imperfections.

Minimal Product

Airbrush makeup follows the saying ‘less is more’. With just a few drops of foundation in your cup, you can get flawless coverage without the need for excess products. In traditional makeup, however, you tend to go overboard with your product in an attempt to get full coverage. As a result, say hello to cake face!

Moreover, airbrush makeup requires you to cover problem areas like acne marks and blemishes by inching the spray gun closer to your face instead of using more products. This gives you just the right coverage without plastering your face with heavy coats of makeup. With traditional makeup, you tend to apply more products to cover spots that make your face look caked.

No Powder

Airbrush makeup is long lasting without the need for powdered products to set the foundation. People with dehydrated skin only exacerbate the dryness with setting powders and as we mentioned above, dry skin leads to a more caked appearance. In order to make their makeup stay longer, traditional makeup users succumb to the use of loose powders, enhancing cakey makeup.

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Light Layers

The problem with traditional makeup is its heavy consistency. If you try to layer it, it will lend you a cakey finish. Airbrush makeup works best for cakey makeup as it provides perfect coverage through thin layers of foundation that have to pass through the airbrush gun. This leaves your face with a retouched quality.

HD friendly

How many times have you shied away from high-definition cameras in concern that it would highlight every single pore, blemish, and spot on your face? We all have, but before we were introduced to this groundbreaking addition to the world of beauty. Airbrush makeup and its faultless nature render it the only choice for people set to appear on HD camera.

No More Cake Face

Follow these simple steps for that vogue-worthy finish every day!


Hydration, even if you have oily skin, is an essential part of any skincare and makeup routine. Imagine working on a bumpy canvas. Could your painting ever be smooth? Similarly, a hydrated and supple skin base is essential for smooth application of foundation, avoiding that abhorrent cakey look.

Invest in Airbrush Makeup

Instead of spending big bucks on different products in vain, invest in an economical airbrush makeup kit that would solve all your makeup afflictions! There is a myriad of products in the market so do a little research before purchasing the one most suitable for you.

If you are a beginner, click here to find out everything you need to know about airbrush makeup.

With this miraculous solution, the only cake you will see hereon is the one on your plate!