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Hey, beauty buffs! Like all good things, airbrush makeup has improved and evolved over the years. Since its inception, people have tried and tested various airbrush makeup methods and kits to narrow it down to the best of the best. For those who think airbrush makeup isn’t their cup of tea, are you sure you’re even doing it right? These are the latest airbrush makeup tips.

To help you out, we have a list of the latest airbrush makeup tips to help you get near perfect results for there is always room for improvement!

1. Mix and Match Foundations

Most people strictly adhere to using the same foundation that came with their airbrush makeup kit. No foundation will fit your skin tone as perfectly as the glass shoe fit Cinderella. In today’s day and age, we create our own solutions. If you feel airbrush makeup leaves you with an over-tanned or grey skin, the problem might be with your technique.

The best way to go about this is by mixing two or three foundations until you get the perfect color to gel in with your skin tone. Then add this concoction to your spray gun and put a light coat on your face.

Aeroblend Airbrush Foundation Mini Set

2. Moisturize Your Skin

Ever since airbrush makeup came into being, people falsely viewed it as a technique that will magically mask the bumpiest of skins. You need to remember the golden rule of makeup! While makeup can cover up marks and blemishes, no amount of make of makeup can hide the skin’s texture. To excavate the maximum benefit from airbrush makeup, you need to ensure you have a smooth canvas.

We cannot stress the importance of hydration enough. Like all makeup methods, airbrush makeup will appear much better if you moisturize your face prior to application. This will help you get that smooth finish that is characteristic of this technique.

3. Airbrush Your Eyes

While we normally reserve airbrush makeup for applying foundation and highlighter, we suggest you try doing your eyes too! Blending is the single most important thing when applying eye shadow. Airbrush makeup will give you a lot more finesse in this particular application.

All it takes is a little practice. Once your hand is steady with the spray gun, you can use it to get flawless blending. It will also ensure your eye shadow lasts for a longer time! If you are nervous about over-spraying, you can use an eyebrow shield.

4. Relax Your Wrist

Airbrush makeup is an art. Think of it that way. The biggest complaint regarding airbrush makeup is that it results in blotchy or patchy makeup. The main reason behind this is that people tend to stiffen their hands. Can you ever paint with a stiff hand? No way! The same rule works for airbrush makeup application.

The best way to apply it is to relax your wrist, and let the makeup move freely. This will produce much better and blended results.

5. Relax Your Face

It’s a natural response that we tend to scrunch up our face or close our eyes when something is being sprayed on our face. However, the mere act of tightening or pursing your lips or shutting your eyes will create the appearance of fine lines. When airbrush makeup is sprayed, the makeup will nestle into these fine lines and enhance their appearance.

If you do not relax your face during application, you’re bound to witness a more obvious appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

how to apply airbrush makeup

6. Do not Stop at one Point

The application of airbrush makeup will produce the best results when you apply in a singular, smooth motion. You can only do this if you don’t continuously stop at ‘hot spots’ that will create a blotchy look on your face.

Let your hand relax and think as if you’re painting a canvas. If you stop at one particular point for too long, you will end up with an overdose of color there. The result will be an uneven application that you want to avoid at all costs.

7. Inch Closer to Get Coverage

With traditional makeup, you would most probably apply more foundation or concealer to get proper coverage for problem areas like acne and blemishes. Some people use the same technique with airbrush makeup that does not work well.

Airbrush makeup just needs bout 6-10 drops of foundation to work its magic. That’s the whole point of airbrush makeup! To get more coverage, you don’t need to apply more product. Simply inch the spray gun closer to your face, and that will achieve the result you’re trying to get.

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8. Use Water-based Airbrush for Oily Skin

It is important that you choose the right kind of airbrush makeup for your skin type. You should use water-based airbrush makeup for oily skin to mitigate the sheen on your face. Water based airbrush makeup dries out faster and that’s exactly what people with oily skin want.

9. Use Silicon Based Airbrush Makeup on Dry Skin

Similarly, it is advised you use silicon based airbrush makeup for dry skin. Dry skin can be tricky, so using the right makeup kit will ensure you get the best results. Of course, you need to moisturize and prep your skin, especially if you battle dryness to get that smooth finish.

10. Highlight Your Hair

How many times have you tried hairstyles in vain to try to cover up those horrible grays threatening to pop out? Coloring your hair requires both time and effort, and if you didn’t schedule an appointment beforehand, the tie and die in your hair would have you distracted if people are noticing the emerging color.

Well, no more! Did you know airbrush makeup can also be sued to color up those grays?  Since the spray gives you a greater degree of control, you can choose which specific air to spray. This works best when you need to go to an important event and don’t think a hat to cover your hair would be too appropriate!

If you’re in the market for a new kit check out our favorite airbrush kits here. It’s a new decade people, no more settling for less than your best. Try these 10 new tips to get the results you want!