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Halloween is just around the corner. People are starting to spread the horror as they set to decorate their houses with their most terrifying Halloween decor. Halloween shows and party invitations flock your driveway. Aside from making sure that your house is scary for trick or treaters, the next important step is preparing your Halloween spooky costume. Ideas for Halloween costumes and characters never run out – from the simple red Dracula cape to the grand giant mascot. Each year, people anticipate this event with excitement to show off new character concepts and unique costume designs. Trick or treating is absolutely not only for kids. People of all ages dress up for Halloween. Parents and adults also make sure that their Halloween outfit is something remarkable and one-of-a-kind. So aside from elaborate costumes to wear, many Halloween enthusiasts take their look seriously by using makeup to enhance their character and make things look real. Getting in character requires effort, not only on your costume but your overall look. Making your face up is essential in achieving your Halloween character. You can use airbrush techniques instead of the traditional makeup techniques to achieve that intricate facial makeup that will match your Halloween costume.

The benefits of using airbrush makeup for Halloween costumes


Airbrush makeup is proven to be more long-lasting than conventional makeup. Most personal airbrush makeup products promise to last up to 12 hours with only minimal signs of wearing off. Airbrush makeup does not wear off easily so you do not have to worry about partying all night long. Traditional makeup, on the other hand, easily wears off and even long-lasting ones can only last for a few hours.

Finely blended

Airbrush makeup is often commended for being flawless when it comes to skin application and color blending. Since this technique uses an airbrush, the application of the makeup is more precise and finer. Because of the airbrush technique’s thoroughness on blending the makeup, you will look absolutely great on photos – even in close-up portrait shots. With airbrush fine finish, your fake wounds will definitely look real.

High aesthetic standards

If you just want to up your game on wearing your Halloween costume, using airbrush makeup is the way to go. Your face will definitely look scary or enchanting instead of looking basic and funny when you use traditional makeup.

Seamless layers and sheer contours

Cuts and bruises are not very hard to achieve using airbrush makeup. Actually, using airbrush makeup allows you to paint and create frightfully realistic visual illusions and effects. Using airbrush makeup can surely pull off all your gory ideas. Airbrush is not only great for your gruesome makeup goals; it also works well in completing your subtle or enchanting look.


You can use airbrush makeup not just on your face but your whole body. Since this makeup technique uses an air gun for makeup application, you can easily put colors and contours on different parts of your body. You can also easily apply makeup on your added fake body parts or synthetic accessories. Aside from the ease of application, airbrush makeup is very quick to apply. Using an air gun works efficiently so you do not need to spend half of your day achieving your Halloween look.


Wearing airbrush makeup will be very advantageous if you are planning to wear excessively heavy layers of makeup for your Halloween character. Since airbrush uses color liquid, it is easier to layer without applying too much. Airbrush makeup feels lighter on the skin compared to traditional makeup creams. With an airbrush technique, you do not need much to look extra.

Tips on applying airbrush makeup

Make sure you look either scary or enchanting

Halloween is the perfect event to go extra when it comes to your look. You either want to go super simple or really big. There is nothing in between. If you are choosing to apply airbrush makeup for your Halloween look, don’t be afraid to say yes to weird and wild ideas. It is what Halloween is for, after all. If you do not have a freaky idea in mind, then you are not doing it right.

Do your face first before anything else

Before you wear all those layers of your mermaid or hero costume, you should apply makeup first. Fixing your makeup should be the first thing you have to do before fitting your costume and doing your hair. It is very wise to wear baggy clothes while doing your makeup so you can easily take it off when it is time to wear your Halloween costume.

Choose high-quality products

On Halloween, you intend to draw blood and scars on your face but surely, you do not want damaged skin after your Halloween party. Poor quality makeup will absolutely be prevalent during this scary season. Most people resort to cheap makeup products thinking that they will only use it once. However, using a makeup product made from low-grade substances may damage your skin for good. Do not take the risk. Instead of thinking to buy cheap products for one-time use, start thinking of buying high-quality products for long-term use. After all, makeup comes very handy on many occasions all throughout the year.

Read product labels

Once you have bought the right makeup product for you, do not forget to read the labels. Reading labels will save you from untoward outcomes like skin irritation, pimples or allergic reactions. There are different types of airbrush makeup products. Learning your skin-type will help you identify which product is best for you. Airbrush makeup has three different bases – water, silicone, and alcohol. Alcohol-based airbrush is typically for heavier makeup effects while silicone-based airbrush usually looks more natural with its real-skin glow. Water-based airbrush is widely used to resolve issues of applying makeup on oily skin.

Decide on your look

Airbrush makeup is known to look flawless in blending colors but using this makeup technique is quite difficult to alter. Once you apply airbrush makeup, it easily sticks on the skin and it will be hard for you to brush it off without smudging the whole look. So before you start applying anything on your face, decide on the character you want to impersonate or the look that you want to achieve. Whether you want to impersonate Shrek or you just want to look like Gal Gadot wearing her famed Wonder Woman costume, airbrush makeup can help you achieve the look. Print a picture of the look you want to copy or if you are planning to do something original, try to draw it first before you start to apply makeup. Pin the picture on your mirror while you do your makeup to avoid messing up.

Hire a professional

If you are not that confident in using airbrush makeup or applying makeup in general, you can always let an expert do it for you. Not only will it take less effort on your part, but it will also definitely save you from spoiling your Halloween look. If you have not experienced applying makeup before, consider practicing first before doing your own Halloween look. You have prepared for this one-day event for so long and it will only happen once a year, make sure you do not ruin it by not knowing how to do your makeup right. Using Airbrush Makeup for Halloween Costumes 2

Read the manuals or watch tutorials

If you are brave enough to do your own makeup using an airbrush, you may still do so. Most airbrush makeup kits come with a manual with detailed instructions. Read through the techniques and tips, and put your learning into practice before setting your own look on the day of Halloween. It will also be a big help if you watch tutorials online not just to know how the airbrush must be used but also to get ideas on how to properly contour and layer your way to your intended look. There are also many available tutorial videos specifically for Halloween looks. You can either copy or get inspiration from them.

Wash and dry clean

You must make sure that your face, body, and hair are washed and dried properly first before applying airbrush makeup. The liquid makeup will not stick to the skin, body or hair if it is damp. Keep in mind to pat dry your face or your body with a towel.

Prepare good quality makeup remover

Applying makeup is one thing, removing it is another. Just as you are careful in applying makeup on your face, be as delicate in removing and washing it off your face. Invest in a great brand of makeup remover to avoid makeup residue on your face. Low-quality makeup removers do not work very well, especially on heavy and dark colors. If you do not want your eyes to look black for the entire week, wash off your Halloween makeup thoroughly.

Downsides of wearing airbrush makeup

Difficult to retouch

Smudges on an airbrush finish makeup will be hard to retouch. Some complicated makeup layers may actually be impossible to re-apply if ruined.

A tendency to crack and look flaky

If not done properly, the makeup may look flaky or worse, may crack once it dries up. It is important not to scratch or wet your face while wearing airbrush make up.

Limited color options

Airbrush makeup uses color fluids. Liquid makeup colors are not made as easy as traditional makeup colors which is why there are not many color options available in the market. But in all fairness, the current color pallet of airbrush makeup is enough for creative makeup blending.

A practiced skill

You cannot use airbrush makeup as easy as traditional makeup techniques. It is a learned skill and you will need to practice doing it first before using your own makeup on Halloween. There are specific manners of applying it that you need to master to be able to blend the colors properly. One wrong stroke may ruin your overall look, which is why it’s best that it is done by an expert.

Costs a little more

Airbrush makeup is quite expensive compared to traditional makeup products, although you will find the price reasonable for the quality and functionality the makeup offers.

Hard to Remove

However tired you come home from a great Halloween party, do not sleep with your makeup on. You should try your best to stay up until you have cleaned your face.

Here is a list of some Halloween costume concepts that work best with airbrush makeup:

  • Blood
  • Exposed flesh
  • Facial lines and wrinkles
  • Clown face
  • Animal skin/animal print patterns
  • Skulls
  • Alien or extra-terrestrial
  • Prominent characters like The Joker or The Hulk
  • Mythical creatures like fairies and mermaids

According to Airbrush Guru, below are the top Airbrush brands in the market:

What does the kit include? 6 bottles of fair and medium foundation + blush, bronzer and shimmer What does the kit include? 3 1/2oz sizes of foundation + moisturizer and waterproof sealant What does the kit include? 4 foundation shades, moisturizing primer + blush, shimmer, and bronzer set What does the kit include? Versatile compressor [up to 30 PSI], 12-pack foundation set, silicone-based makeup What does the kit include? 4 foundation shades and 5 bonus colors + 3ml moisturizer


Airbrush makeup techniques are currently used by professionals but with your willingness to invest money and time, it is not difficult to learn. Most airbrush sets are handy and come with detailed instructions on how to use. Therefore there is no reason to be scared of using airbrush makeup on your Halloween look. Your quirky ideas are meant to be seen on Halloween; that’s why using airbrush makeup for Halloween costumes is a great idea. Be creative and experiment with mixing colors and adding layers to your makeup. With the right match of makeup and outfit, your Halloween costume and look will be unforgettable and will definitely stand out.