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If you’re about to attend a big event or you’re preparing for your wedding day, you surely want to look your best from head to toe. In occasions like these, airbrush makeup is the technique that makeup artists commonly use. However, is airbrush makeup good for oily skin? We’re totally aware that having oily skin is most women’s never-ending dilemma. Even after doing all those beauty hacks, it really just takes a long time before you see results. Makeup retouches are also necessary to make sure you keep your face free from oil. Good thing, airbrush makeup was invented. What is airbrush makeup and how would this makeup technique help your oily skin?
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What Is Airbrush Makeup?

If you’ve never seen an airbrush system before, airbrush is an air-operated beauty tool that has a compressor, an air hose, an AC adaptor, and a gun or stylus. It uses a uniquely formulated makeup foundation and applied by spraying it, whereas traditional makeup uses blending sponge or foundation brush and thick foundation. The way an airbrush for cosmetics works is somewhat different from the ones used for arts and paintings, so don’t get confused. In addition, airbrush systems are mostly used in bridal makeup application for many good reasons, especially for men and women with oily skin.

How to Use

As noted above, airbrush makeup is a makeup application method or technique that uses an airgun or stylus pen. A foundation is poured into the tiny chamber of the airgun and sprayed onto the skin. As the trigger is pressed, a superfine mist of foundation covers the face to give flawless skin texture, and the makeup sits perfectly on the skin.

Types of Foundation Used

The foundation that they usually use has a water-like consistency and consists of different formulas. Some of which include:
  • Water-based: These are finely ground pigments that provide thin and light yet buildable coverage. It creates a matte finish which won’t blend well with dry skin.
  • Silicone-based: These are foundations that are made with water and silicon being the primary base. It makes your makeup sweat proof and long-wearing. This is also the secret if you want to conceal those large pores and fine lines.
  • Alcohol-based: Alcohol dries out the skin easily when used often and excessively. Hence this is mainly used when creating fake tattoos.

Is Airbrush Makeup Good for Oily Skin?

We’ve mentioned earlier that the makeup foundation used in airbrush system is made with special ingredients. It’s crafted with ingredients to make a lightweight, long-lasting, even, and smooth effect on the skin. This is why most brides prefer airbrush makeup as it creates a flawless and natural look plus, it’s oil-free! Imagine how many layers of makeup are needed on traditional makeup before you achieve a flawless look. You need a moisturizer, primer, foundation, and concealer to cover all those large pores and blemishes on your face. It just feels heavy on the face. More often than not, cakey makeup is caused by too much application. On the other hand, airbrush makeup is ready and easy to spray. However, to know which type of foundation can protect your skin from being oily throughout the event, make sure you do a trial application of airbrush makeup with your makeup artist. Those are the reasons why airbrush makeup is good for oily skin. It’s doesn’t need to be applied in many layers. It makes you look good in person and on cameras. Even blushers, bronzers, and highlighters can be applied through an airbrush. Additionally, it’s hygienic because the products won’t touch your skin. We believe, though, that it really comes down to the type of airbrush makeup foundation to be used—but definitely not the regular foundations—and the way it is to be applied.

Pros and Cons of Airbrush Makeup

We’ve heard all the good things about airbrush makeup, but nothing comes perfectly in this world. Airbrush makeup has advantages and disadvantages and we thought you should know these things.


The things you’ll love about airbrush makeup are:
  • Natural looking: Unlike a regular foundation, airbrush makeup foundation has a thin consistency and light coverage upon application.
  • Long-lasting: Most bridal clients should use airbrush makeup during their wedding as it doesn’t require touch-ups all the time unless she cries hard during heartfelt messages from her guests.
  • Quick to apply: Since airbrush makeup dries super fast, it’ll only take a few minutes to apply it on your whole face.


Before going for airbrush makeup, here are the things to consider:
  • Expensive: Airbrush makeup is extravagant compared to traditional makeup application, so it is more expensive. Everything is special from the tool itself to the foundations used. If you want to know if you’ll like it on you, try it out first before you say yes to your makeup artist.
  • Limited shades: Airbrush foundation has limited selections of shades and brands. Most of the foundations you’ll find in beauty stores are the regular ones. Although when you buy your own airbrush makeup kit, it usually comes in a full set.
  • Not for all skin types: Airbrush makeup sits beautifully if you have naturally hydrated and well-moisturized skin. Again, this is why this technique works for oily skin. If you have dry skin, it can only look cracky or flat. Traditional makeup works better for dry skin.
  • Difficult to touch up: Touch up on makeup is needed at some point. The thing is, airbrush makeup is harder to be remedied compared to traditional makeup. Since it dries quickly with a matte finish, it has to be applied gradually, evenly, and properly.

Final Thoughts

Airbrush makeup has pros and cons. Clearly, this makeup technique does not fit all skin types other than oily skin. Besides, if you don’t have many skin blemishes on your face but has dry skin, then just consider doing traditional makeup on you. It’s way cheaper and practical, whether or not it’s for a special event. Meanwhile, if you’re still asking ”Is airbrush makeup good for oily skin?”, it’s yes for us! It’s highly recommendable! As we’ve mentioned above, special foundations are used for airbrush makeup. It’s meant to last long without making your face greasy, especially on wedding occasions.