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How to make your own airbrush foundation is often one question we keep getting asked. And, is it even possible to do so?

Airbrush makeup is known to offer you a natural and flawless look by using a very small amount of the actual makeup. The makeup product or the foundation gets sprayed evenly onto the top layer of the skin.

It makes the skin look perfectly covered and not too cakey or heavy. With this, there will be very minimal pore clogging and the airbrush makeup’s thin layer will be able to cover all the imperfections of the skin.

Those are all the obvious upsides to buying store-bought foundation. But let’s face it, a good foundation isn’t cheap. So, is there a DIY option in such a case that is more practical than purchasing one from a brand? Let’s find out.

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How to Make Your Own Airbrush Foundation

You would think that making your own foundation would be one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish, but that’s not the case. You can make your very own airbrush foundation by simply using some easy-to-find ingredients.

That said, you will need some amount of your existing foundation to make a new one. The process to make the foundation is quite easy and will ultimately save some bucks for you along the way.

Things you will need:

  • Four cups of cornstarch
  • Half a cup of glycerin
  • A cup or less of water for consistency
  • Two cups of baking soda
  • Four cups of vinegar
  • Your shade of foundation or concealer
  • Storage jars

Preparation of the homemade airbrush foundation

  1. Start the process of making your airbrush foundation by preparing the base. You can do this by mixing baking soda with vinegar. Mix thoroughly and leave this mixture aside to rest.
  2. After which, mix in the glycerin along with the cornstarch and add it to the vinegar and baking soda mixture. Thoroughly mix all of these ingredients until it has a whipped consistency. Ensure that there aren’t any air pockets or lumps in this mixture.
  3. Add water into the mixture very slowly. We recommend that you use a dropper and add it in the mixture drop by drop so that you have absolute control over the consistency and it does not run. If you are looking for a lighter consistency, you can add more water.
  4. Now take the desired amount of foundation from your existing foundation kit and add it into the mixture you just made. If you are looking to make some other kind of makeup such as lipstick and eyeshadow, you can simply add colored mica powder to the mixture. Food coloring is also a great option if you want to prepare your own DIY lip color.
  5. You can now try your new foundation with your airbrush machine gun. We recommend that you first try this out on a paper towel or on your arm so that you can check the consistency. If it is too thick, then you can add some more water. If it is too runny or light, then you can add some cornstarch.
  6. Store your new DIY makeup in a closed storage jar. Make sure you keep this makeup away from heat and light.

Top Reasons to Make Your Own Foundation

Other than the cost factor, there are quite a few reasons why making your own foundation, or any other kind of beauty product for that matter can be beneficial. Let’s shed some light on some of them below.

1. You know exactly what the ingredients are.

Whatever you put directly on your skin gets absorbed by it into your body. Think of this as your body filling up with all the essential nutrients; the exact way drinking water nourishes your skin from inside out.

By choosing the healthy ingredients yourself, you can nourish your skin from outside in. Just keep in mind that you keep the list of ingredients as simple as possible.

Don’t add anything that will likely harm your skin. That is especially beneficial for people who suffer from certain skin problems like acne, age spots, and dry skin.

2. It costs just a fraction compared to your regular store-bought makeup.

Let’s be real. Any high-end makeup from brands like Bobbi Brown, Fenty Beauty, Huda Beauty, MAC, and so on will cost you hundreds of dollars. You can make your own makeup by buying all the ingredients yourself for just a fraction of the cost.

3. There is a whole lot of customization

Foundation is one of the most difficult kinds of makeup to find not because it isn’t easily available but due to not getting the right shade for your skin tone.

A lot of people struggle to find a foundation that matches their exact skin tone. Some people end up buying two to three types of foundation to mix and make a shade matching their skin tone. This drives up the cost significantly.

What’s worse is certain shades of foundation, especially for people of color, are found in only high-end brands, which again costs hundreds of dollars.

Thankfully, when you are making your own foundation, so that is no longer a concern. It can be tailor-made exactly as per your skin tone.

4. You end up doing a favor to the environment.

By making your own makeup, you do the environment a huge favor. We believe that any opportunity to help save the planet from all the harmful pollutants is a bonus.

As long as you continue to buy, support, and promote harmful products, they will be made continuously. So, go and make your own makeup to do the planet a huge favor.

5. Certain things just can’t beat nature

You always notice how beauty products brag about all the natural ingredients in their makeup. These can be argan oil, lemon, olive oil, rosemary, and several more, but, in reality, minimal traces of these ingredients are actually present in the makeup. By making your own makeup, you are in full control of how much of these natural ingredients can be present in the makeup.


We are confident that you now know how to make your own airbrush foundation. There are several methods to make a foundation and we have listed only one of them, which is the easiest for beginners. We recommend that you research several more ways to make foundations to see which one of them best suits you.

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