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Airbrush makeup is largely used in the modeling and filming industry. This technique gives subjects a natural look that is clear and fine. Traditional makeup can also produce a natural look, but because of today’s high-definition cameras, the wrinkles and pores become extremely visible. Another good thing about airbrush makeup is that you can easily spray makeup evenly on the face without needing to touch the skin. If you are thinking about applying this method on your next makeup session, below are important tips that can help you gain the edge. They will help you understand how to apply brushless makeup.

20 Airbrush Makeup Tipstop 20 airbrush makeup tips

  1. Practice with water first to familiarize yourself with the different airbrush gun and compressor settings.
  2. Tie or clip the hair back to avoid accidentally spraying on it.
  3. Maintain a steady wrist whenever you hold the spray gun. Avoid flexing it.
  4. Avoid staying in one spot or you will spray more color in that area.
  5. The closer you are on the face, the more concentrated the color will become.
  6. Do not over-spray to avoid hot spots.
  7. Always have an airbrush cleaner on hand to keep your kit clean.
  8. Flush the airbrush using a cleaner before switching to the next shade.
  9. Your airbrush kit and cleaner should have the same base (water-based cleaner for water-based makeup).
  10. Avoid tight-shut eyes to prevent wrinkling once the airbrush goes over them.
  11. Make sure that the shade of you neck and face will blend to prevent contrast.
  12. Always use airbrush makeup foundation. Do not use regular foundation.
  13. The airbrush needle is fragile and might break if you do not handle the gun with care.
  14. Shake the makeup well before you use it to ensure high quality application.
  15. Hold the airbrush gun inches away from the face, especially when applying foundation.
  16. PSI is the unit used to measure the amount of air pressure produced by a machine. Your airbrush compressor is best set between 13PSI and 18PSI for body work, and lower to create a fine detail.
  17. Always prepare the skin with a cleanser to make sure that there are no dead skin cells. Apply a light moisturizer for a smooth skin and a nice airbrush makeup finish.
  18. Test the spray on your hand or a piece of paper before applying the makeup to see whether the machine is working properly and you have the correct shade loaded.
  19. Maintain a constant motion when spraying airbrush foundation to prevent blotchy or uneven areas, unless you need more coverage.
  20. A dual-action airbrushing kit lets you use the sprayed air as a guide to know the target areas.


Remember each one of them whenever you use your airbrush makeup. Always remember that practice makes perfect. Do not be discouraged if you failed to do it right on your first attempt. It will take some time before you can master the technique, but your determination can lead you to creating amazing results.