Tickled Pink Airbrush Kit

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With a name as cute as Tickled Pink Airbrush Kit, you might not be certain about the performance of this brand’s airbrush makeup. Don’t underestimate their products.

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The Kit At-a-Glance

Tickled Pink Airbrush Kit

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  • Professional quality, all metal construction, gravity feed, single action
  • On-demand compressor with no air tanks
  • Your choice of 3 shades of foundation
  • Lifetime warranty on the airbrush gun

The Tickled Pink Airbrush Kit with Medium Shades Makeup provides serious coverage and a sophisticated look while being good for the skin. The company is headed by a husband and wife team who aim to create facial care and beauty products of top quality that are also affordable and available to most of the population. Despite being new to the industry, the brand is growing in popularity and no wonder. With this airbrush makeup, you can apply your makeup easily and look gorgeous for hours without harming your skin, and on top of that, it doesn’t cost as much as other airbrush makeup kits.


The Tickled Pink Airbrush Kit with Medium Shades Makeup comes with a number of items. The Airbrush Compressor is quite small and weighs very little. It has a lower than average PSI range of 0-15 and pressure settings can be adjusted to high, medium and low. The accompanying Airbrush Gun is of the single-action type. It also conveniently comes with an Airbrush Gun Holder which is great for propping up the gun when you pause in your work.

As for the cosmetic products included in this kit, you’ll find foundation, moisturizer and sealant. First of all, there are three bottles of Aloe Airbrush Makeup Foundation in 0.5 ounces. Being aloe-based, the formulation for their makeup especially their foundation is unique. For the medium shades sample pack, the three foundation colors are latte, frappuccino, and mocha.

You also have Airbrush Moisturizer in one 0.25 ounce bottle, as well as one 0.25 ounce bottle of Waterproof Sealant. Moisturizer is an essential of basic skincare to improve your skin’s texture and keep it supple and healthy. The sealant, which helps your makeup set and improves its staying power, is a noteworthy addition because despite the effective coverage of airbrush makeup, it is not waterproof. As a bonus, this kit also has a travel case for storing your equipment and makeup.

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What People are Saying about the Tickled Pink Airbrush Kit

A mix of mostly positive comments and a few negative ones form the reviews for the Tickled Pink Airbrush Kit with Medium Shades Makeup.

The compressor and stylus work as well as they’re supposed to but are admittedly not as sturdy or as heavy duty as higher end brands. It’s also easy to use but you will need time to master proper control.

If there’s one makeup product you have to invest in to make sure your skin will not break out, it’s foundation since it covers your entire face and most of your neck. Tickled Pink’s foundation is paraben-free, 89% organic and can be safely applied to sensitive and acne-prone skin. Users have also mentioned that with the addition of the sealant, the makeup stays put longer and the combination of products is great for regulating oily skin.

One of Tickled Pink’s greatest strengths is their excellent customer service. Their products are shipped quickly and the price packages are reasonable, with no hidden charges. There’s even a beauty expert you can contact for consultation.

On the other hand, a few reviewers remarked that the makeup did not suit their skin and made it look dry and unnatural. Some customers were also dissatisfied with the product and their customer service experience.

In the main, though, this product has received positive reviews from customers. For beginners in airbrush makeup or experts who want their own airbrush makeup kit at home, this is a great choice.

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