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If you have had several issues with your old makeup kit, maybe it’s time for you to switch to airbrush makeup kits that includes the Dinair Airbrush Makeup Kit. Unlike traditionally used makeup, airbrush technology utilized by Dinair is a wonderful addition to your daily dresser due to the amazing effects it offers. Although compressor colors would vary or change depending on availability, this kit can only afford to provide you with sheer, amazing results.

The innovative Dinair airbrush makeup is waterproof, sweat proof, and stays up to an unbelievable 24 hours or maybe longer. The airbrush compressor has variable speeds for total control and effect. So, you can now say goodbye to frequent powder room visits and multi-layered puff ups which take up so much time away from people you wanted to spend time with.

The set includes:

  • four (4) Glamour medium foundation shades
  • four (4) bonus colors in 0.25 oz bottles that contain a blusher, eyeliner, shadow and brow color, and a shimmer.
  • Pro Dinair CX Beauty airbrush
  • facial tanner
  • Moist & Dewy moisturizer
  • concealer
  • designer stencil set
  • zippered travel bag 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • easy to learn DVD instructional guide

Dinair Airbrush Makeup Foundation

So what’s with the DVD instruction guide? It provides users both new and advanced in trying the kit to work perfectly in their favor. It’s not dinair airbrush makeup kit reviewbecause the manufacturer tells you that you are not capable of using it either because you are new to airbrush or already knowledgeable in using this technology. This product requires additional learning to master the craft.

Airbrush makeup users need skill in applying it. Inexperience provides you with thick, uneven application that can be frustrating to beginners and disgusting for the pros. Nozzle sizes can be daunting and jumping from one airbrush makeup kit to another changes everything that’s why you have to get that learning curve before making a purchase.  Dinair also allows customers to watch videos and partake of phone lessons where reps give free training for the product. Company also provides customer support for issues that only they can answer.

Customers claimed that continuous use of the Dinair airbrush makeup proved that it can provide them with unblemished skin and good photoshoot images using only a few drops of makeup foundation. For those who did not ask for suggestions or professional advice, it took them some time to get the perfect shade to match their skin tone. So, it’s really important to know the kind of facial tone you have before ordering makeup to look good.

Several users claimed that it is a good solution for oily skinned women and may not work out well with those having normal to dry skin lest they forget to use the moisturizer that comes with the package.

On the other side of it, there have been complaints regarding the compressor, which oftentimes, bogs down. This issue may be attributed to faulty usage or failure in quality control. However, the company can replace that with a new one. Maintaining the airbrush involves cleaning after each use so as not to create a hard makeup residue. Standalone, this tool does not clog on its own but if it gets near the red mark, you can use its washing system to avert future clog issues.

Overall, the Dinair airbrush makeup kit is the best solution for women with lots of flaws on their skin as well as providing excellent finish to those who already have perfect skin since birth.